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Bridlington, a popular seaside resort.

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Bridlington Bridlington once was a very popular seaside resort. It became a seaside resort after the war, about the 1960s. The reason it became very popular is because people couldn't afford to go abroad. Also the transport system was poor. At about 1985 - 2000 seaside resorts became less popular. ...read more.


Many seaside resorts like Bridlington saw an increase in the amount of elderly people. The elderly people thought it would be nice to retire in a place were there is good transport for the elderly. Many seaside towns have shaped their transport system to cope and provide for the elderly. ...read more.


Not many are aimed at young children apart from the amusements. There are many Help the Aged shops. Also there are facilities for the elderly people such as a Bingo hall, a bowling green and a theatre. Also there is a day care centre for the elderly. Consequently, many elderly people have either moved to Bridlington or have continued to live there. ...read more.

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