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Can China Feed Itself?

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´╗┐________________ Can China Feed Itself? ________________ China has become one of the world?s most respected and developed countries in the world. Even though, in their past they were held back from releasing their unlimited potential. Only recently, have they started their Industrial Revolution and passed all of their expectations. However, with their commanding success, demanding problems followed. China is running out of food for the nation. This, obviously is a big problem, with many factors such as: Population China?s population has been growing rapidly, to an extent that could affect the nation?s development. One of the areas of development overpopulation could affect, would be the food supply. Without enough food for a growing and influential country, the country would fall behind in all areas of development. The people would die of hunger. This issue was raised in 1979, and immediately addressed. The controversial solution produced, was the One Child Policy. The One Child Policy has three main factors: -One child per couple -Delayed marriage -Fewer healthier births rather than more unsuccessful ones With couples having only one child, this would help reduce the population drastically. However, over the years, the one child policy hasn?t been taken as seriously as it was before. ...read more.


Or even worse, farmers would stop working on the available farmland left, and go work in factories. The government has to make an effort, to make farming looking much more appealing than it is. The purpose of doing so, would be to attract other people to farming. China needs its farmers and farmland, for the crops. With the change in diet, there is a large demand for crops. The government needs to give farmers a better pay, improve their healthcare, and also subsidise, to make it cheaper for the farmers, and to help them earn more money. This would definitely attract people to farming, rather than going to factories or the CBD. With these better benefits for farmers, the chances of rural areas urbanising would reduce. This would also open jobs up to a completely different range of people, perhaps from the city too. Moreover, introducing technology and science into farming would be more appealing too. Introducing technology to farming would make the process of farming quicker and better. So farmers would be able to lease and sell their ?rights? to plots and other farmers. The aim of this, is to have big farms with modern machinery. ...read more.


However the issue of money would be raised. The government can pay for the machines provided, but the farmers it would be given to, would have to work the debt off. Agricultural Policy The farmers of China, do not own the land they work on. So they can be kicked off the land at any time, they could be evicted from their land to have it build factories and other developments. The farmers can?t say anything because, it is owned by local officials, and they make the decisions regarding the farmland. Also, these local officials sell land for very high prices, which in favour to farmers, is partial. Many farmers in rural areas are poor, and wouldn?t be able to afford such expensive land. Conclusion I?ve come to the conclusion that China can feed itself. China has been developing faster than any country before, and has faced many obstacles on its rocky path. But they?ve tackled them, just as they?ll tackle this food supply problem. With their advanced technology and improved government, they?ll have the leadership to guide them through this problem. Also, the Chinese government has already come up with excellent projects and ideas to stop the factors of national hunger, which anyone could see, are flourishing. ...read more.

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