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Case study of Castleton.

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Geography GCSE Coursework 2003 By Will Rudd Geography GCSE Coursework 2003 CONTENTS: 1. Front Cover, 2. Contents Page, 3. Introduction, 4. Method, 5. Results/Observations, 6. Pictures, 7. Pictures, 8. Pictures, 9. Pictures, 10. Table of results, 11. Graph, 12. Graph, 13. Graph, 14. Base map and tracings, 15. Map of Britain and tracing, 16. Location numbers, 17. Location numbers, 18. Figure references, 19. Conclusion, 20. Evaluation, 21. Bibliography, 22. Appendices, 23. Appendices, 24. Appendices, 25. Appendices, 26. Appendices, 27. Appendices, 28. Appendices. INTRODUCTION: I carried out this case study in order to complete my geography GCSE, the case study of Castleton this ties in with the "tourism" part of the AQA syllabus. My case study was carried out in Castleton. Castleton is one of the most popular centres in the Peak District. Maybe this is because it has everything the visitor might want. Picturesque scenery, a ruined Norman castle, ancient caves, interesting geology and excellent walks. However, it also has masses of tourists visiting every year, even in winter. My case study is comprised of information and figures originating from Castleton and the surrounding area. Castleton is an ideal site for studying tourism; it's a tourist honey pot with thousands flocking there every year. Castleton is close to my school and was just a short coach trip to our youth hostel, it was arranged so that we would have Sunday and Monday to record our results (this enabled me to compare the number of tourists on a weekend compared to a weekday). ...read more.


Sunday (weather pleasant): Monday (weather poor): The end of Castleton's main road (A 625): Excellent = 3 Average = 0 Poor= -3 Attractiveness Of Scene? Car park Village Green Residential entrance to Castleton Day 1 Day 2 Day 1 Day 2 Day 1 Day 2 Cables: Unsightly or uncluttered? -2 -2 -1 Buildings: Neat or in need of repair? 3 3 1 Historical Aspect: Any old buildings? 2 3 0 Ruins: Any ruins? 0 3 0 Shops: Many, few, attractive? 1 2 0 Noise: Peaceful or noisy? -3 2 -3 Litter: Neat and tidy or in a mess? -1 -2 2 Roads: In good repair, wide or narrow? -1 2 1 Bridges/tunnels: In good repair, suitable? 0 0 0 Traffic (moving): Congested or flowing? 1 2 2 Traffic (parked): Available parking? 0 1 -2 Car park: Large/small, condition? 2 -1 0 Garage/industry: Unsightly? -1 3 0 Gardens: Neat or not? 1 3 1 Farms: Messy or organised? -1 0 0 Hills? Pleasant views or not? 2 1 1 Dry stonewalls: In good repair? 2 2 2 Hedges: Well kept or untidy? -2 2 1 Trees: Tended or wild? -2 1 1 Stream/river: Clean or polluted 2 0 0 Total: 1 25 6 Maps: Fig 15 and 16: This map is simply used to easily and accurately identify from where each car (in the main car park) ...read more.


this would interest another variety of tourist. But this again cannot be proved unless a museum or gallery etc. was set up. This hypothesis can't be proved either. EVALUATION: There was little that went wrong in the two days that the case study took place. But there were a few minor problems that could have affected my results, one of these was the vast weather difference between the two days, it was especially unfortunate because there was exceptional weather on the Sunday (weekend), which is the Castleton's busiest time of the week (tourist wise). And the Monday's weather was terrible, this may have put tourists off visiting Castleton. This project would greatly benefit from more time, possible taking recordings from one Sunday and Monday and then do the same recordings etc. once more the next week giving you much more reliable results. Through out the case study a lot went our way and we were fortunate through out the two days, but things did also go wrong such as; on the Sunday... and on the Monday some of the group hadn't come prepared for the rain leaflets and work became illegible. This caused some people a real problem. If I could of done something differently, it would probably of been to stay later on the Monday (we stayed until around three o'clock) this would have enabled me to collect pedestrian count data at exactly the same time instead of not even being able to do a second pedestrian count (in the residential part of the village). ...read more.

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