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Castleton Case Study.

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Castleton Case Study Castleton is a honeypot site in the Peak District National Park. A honeypot site is an atrractive place which is very popular to tourists. National Parks have been defined as areas of national beauty that has to be preserved and enhanced for the publics enjoyment of the scenery. The Peak District is surrounded by three big cities, Sheffield, Leeds and Manchester. We went there to find out if tourism is a benefit to the people of Castleton. Castleton has lots of scenery surrounding it and also the caverns. Alot of people go there to go to the Blue John caverns. This means that they stop in Castleton on the way through for some dinner or to have a walk round and look at the scenery. ...read more.


While we were there we saw 5 different gift shops, a hotel, a car park and a cafe. These are all tourist services and you would't really find them in other villiages. They also had a petrol station, 2 local shops, craft shop and 2 pubs. I considered these as mixed services because local people would use them as well as tourists. The locals also had services such as Church, Garage, School, Post office and an off licence. These are services that tourists wouldn't really come to use. Other advantages would be to the council. They can charge money for use of things like car parks which because of the amount of tourists would be a massive income each year. ...read more.


However while we were there i didn't remember seeing many litter bins. I also considered pavement conjestion to be a problem so at 8 different points in Castleton i stood for 2 minutes and counted how many people wlked past. This wasn't very succesful as we went on a weekday and its wasn't very busy but in some places even on a weekday we recorded up to 15 people. In the places I stood I also recorded the attractiveness, maintanence of buildings and things like beches and unsightly objects like car parks. This again may have been affected but the litter seemed to be one of the biggest problems. There was only unsightly objects near point two where there was the carpark and the Castleton main road which was quite noisy. I could imagine it wouls be very loud on a weekday. ...read more.

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