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Castleton Project.

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CASTLETON PROJECT Where is Castleton? Castleton is located in the Peak District National Park; it lies towards the north of the National Park. It is 10 miles from Buxton and 16 miles from Sheffield and 27 miles from Stockport. Around half of the population of England live within 60 miles of the Peak Park. Castleton has many human and natural attractions. These include: * Caverns * Pevril Castle * Mam Tor * Attractive Scenery What problems do tourists cause around Castleton? Castleton is a one of the Peak Districts most popular places. I think people like it because it has beautiful scenery and lots of different places to go to like the caverns, there are four caverns in Castleton: - Speedwell Cavern, Blue John Cavern, Treak Cliff Cavern and Peak cavern. Castleton receives over 2 million visitors every year. This large number of tourist causes many problems in and around Castleton. These problems include - Litter is a big problem in Castleton as the bins are overflowing and some people just don't use them. ...read more.


there bike because the streets are so full and often at weekends they cant move the car because tourists block their gate. A retired resident who has lived in Castleton all her life used to be able to buy everything she wanted from the village, but now cant because the gift shops have all taken over. They also say that they are scared to go out at night and even scared to go out in the day because if people always asking questions and looking through her window. A day visitor has said that they live in Sheffield and goes to Castleton regularly to go for a walk and sometimes goes to the caf� and the pub at night but may decide to go somewhere else as it is often difficult to park and the ticket machine is often broken and the toilets get vandalised. A young married couple who have lived all their lives in Castleton cant even afford to buy a house because the smallest house costs �60 000 and other people buy these small house as holiday homes. ...read more.


What is the evidence of tourist and local facilities? There is a lot of evidence of tourist and local facilities the base map shows the land usage of the Castleton area. It shows that there is more local use buildings than tourist buildings, it shows that most of the tourist use buildings all seem to be situated in the middle of the Castleton area and the local buildings seem to be to the right of the tourist buildings. Most of the residential buildings also seem to be to the right of the tourist facilities What is the future of Castleton? There is a future for Castleton but I don't think that it will be in tourism due to the fat that that younger generations of people are not really interested in caverns and villages and so would rather be at home watching the television. And if Castleton's future is not in tourism it will probably have to open up quarries live hope or excavate the blue john from the caverns. Or perhaps they could build houses as Castleton is close to Sheffield and Manchester and has plenty of un-occupied land to do so. CASTLETON PROJECT 01/05/07 ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

A lot of key points about different peoples perspectives given, covering both positive and negative elements. However, there is little flow or linkage throughout the report, with no links made between the intro, middle discussion, or conclusion. There is only a basic level of geographical terminology or theory/concepts. Some named examples and stats included, but these could be used more throughout as evidence to support points being made.

Marked by teacher Katie Price 30/03/2013

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