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Causes, Preventions and Signs of Global Warming

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´╗┐Global Warming Global warming is the gradual increase of the earth?s atmosphere resulting in an ever increasing temperature of the earth and the melting of polar land. Human population has a huge effect on global warming but human power can also determine quite dramatically how bad global warming will develop. This can affect the lives of many organisms and affect their habitat ? consequently extinction occurs. How does global warming happen and what causes it? Global warming is the process of when solar radiation from the sun makes its way towards earth and heats it up. Half of the radiation is absorbed by the earth and the other half roughly is reflected back into the atmosphere away from the earth. However, infrared radiation is emitted from the earth; an amount of this is emitted into the atmosphere and never seen again. The other amount of radiation emitted gets trapped within the ozone layer surrounding the earth. ...read more.


In certain areas of the world, as is the case in Niger, drought has occurred widely within the country as a result of the temperature increase. Different story in India and China where as a result of rising sea levels, evaporation levels increase, and the precipitation levels increase, flooding has occurred immensely in the locations. Ice caps are very important as they reflect sunlight back into the sky which is necessary to keep the levels of heat down. Sadly, they are being melted. What can be done to reduce global warming? Humans can have a huge impact on global warming which is why it is usually advertised towards our people to cut their use on certain services, or join and support a campaign with sufficient action: 1. Reduce, Reuse Recycle 1. Reduce waste by choosing reusable products instead of disposables. This also includes buying products with minimal packaging and then to recycle all the possible products such as paper and plastics and aluminium cans. ...read more.


Try and use less hot water within the house. Eventually, 350 pounds of carbon dioxide can be saved annually. Reduce the energy needed to heat water. 1. Use the ?off? switch 1. Save as much electricity as possible by switching off lights in the rooms when no one is in there and also only using lights when really necessary. Completely turn off appliances when not in use and cut the circuit with T.V.?s, stereo players etc. Always turn off water when it?s not being used e.g. when brushing teeth. 1. Plant a tree 1. Planting a tree will absorb more carbon dioxide and release oxygen. They are a big part of the carbon cycle ? a single tree will absorb approximately one ton of carbon dioxide during its lifetime. 1. Encourage Others 1. Encourage all other people to follow in the same path as what ?you? are doing to reduce your carbon emissions. All of the above have a knock-on effect on the carbon emissions whether it be now or in hundreds of years. Ellis Beare Geography ? Global Warming ...read more.

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