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CBD coursework

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GEOGRAPHY COARSEWORK Landuse The term landuse is used to describe the function or use of an area of land. Large urban areas tend to have a number of landuse zones ranging from high density residential areas to industrial zones. Landuse Models of Cities in MEDCs Landuse models are theories which attempt to explain the layout of urban areas. A model is used to simplify complex, real world situations, and make them easier to explain and understand. There are two main landuse models that apply to urban areas in MEDCS (More Economically Developed Countries). The first is the Concentric Model (also known as the Burgess model) ...read more.


My geography class will be a trip to Walsall. We will be looking at the own centre, inner city and suburbs. We will also be looking at the houses and shops. Walsall is a town in the UK. Walsall is in the west midlands near Birmingham. It has urban zones such as the CBD, inner city, and Suburbs. It is a very populated town but not everywhere is heavily populated. The class walked through Walsall and we asked some people questions about what they think of Walsall and some general questions about themselves and how they get to Walsall. We walked through Park Street, Bridge Street, Leicester Street, Hatherton Street, Cecil Street and Mellish Road. ...read more.


Bridge Street is also in the CBD area of Walsall. It is not as busy or as populated as Park Street but it is still quite populated. The street has mostly banks and estate agents. 3. Leicester Street is the end of the CBD in Walsall. It is not that populates during the day but at night it is really populated because that is where all the clubs and pubs are and people usually tend to drink at night. 4. Hatherton Street is in the inner city. It used to contain leather factories but they got knocked down and they where replaced by luxury flats. It is not a very populated area but it is quiet and clean. 5. Cecil Street has terraced houses and also leather housing which have not been knocked down and they are still in use today ...read more.

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