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Charecteristics of a CBD

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Characteristics of a C.B.D. Pedestrian/traffic activity... * Street has a pedestrianised zone, which means there are no vehicles are allowed to enter apart from loading vans in the early hours of the morning. If the Street wasn't pedestrianised then it would be busiest-which is why it was pedestrianised in the first place. * Traffic is managed very well close to the CBD. It is controlled by a one way system, which ensures the accident numbers stay down. There are traffic lights, which makes shopping more appealing for people as crossing is safer and driving is easier. * There is a higher pedestrian count in the CBD compared to areas nearby. ...read more.


by but just outside the main CBD because it needs to be big and land prices in the CBD are more expensive. * Nearby roads have better access than the CBD because they aren't pedestrianised, there are many roads going into the nearby roads to improve access to the main roads easily. Land use (goods and services available)... * Within the CBD there are higher order goods and chain stores especially compared to an area such as the quieter roads. Firstly this is because a big business would choose to set up in the heart of a CBD and secondly many small businesses could not afford to set up in the centre of a CBD because of high land prices. ...read more.


* There are many high order goods and less gift shops, refreshment shops and charity shops in CBD Streets. * Department stores choose to set up in the High street because it has a large threshold, which means more business and profit. Building height... * Due to land prices being more expensive in the CBD, anyone wanting to purchase land has to pay more and this means that all the buildings, on average, are a lot higher. * In outer CBD roads the buildings are lower. This is because land is less valuable because it is not the heart of the CBD so buildings take up more area length ways but are shorter. The shop fronts in the main streets of a CBD are often smaller because the buildings go upwards further. ...read more.

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