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Child development final evaluation.

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Final evaluation. I have come to the end of my child development course now and i feel i ahve learnt a lot from doing it. I am going to now tell you how much it has changed my personal views and how much effort i have put into this course. I have really enjoyed doing it aswell as learning a lot about a ''child's development''. My child has developed dramatically throughout this course and i have noticed dramatic changed throughout. When i first visited my child, Emily, she started off really shy with me and didn't speak to me much. SHe finished with being really talkative towards me and we could be alone and she would feel comfertable around me without her mum being there. For me this is a huge improvement. It came to the point where Emily would except her mum couldn't always be there. According to the Brennand Et al book Emily should still be suffering from Seperation anxiety with her mum but i witnessed none of this in my last visit with her which tells me she is becoming less dependant on her mum. Emily at the start of my visits could only do the basic stuff for her age according to the Brennand Et Al book. Here is a list of the things Emily developed in:- Physically * Emily at the start xcould only walk up the stairs 2 to a step by the end of my visits Emily could Go up the stairs and down the stairs with one foot to a step. ...read more.


* Emily has started to get on more with her own age range rather than older people and can join in play. * Emily has always been capable of zipping up her boots too. All this tells me that my visits have been productive and i have noticed the stages of Emily's developement. I have included a table with my Evaluation that just shows how much Emily developed from stage one to my very last visit. As far as i am concerned to the Brennand Et Al Emily is beyond her average age for her skills and talents but can still improve a lot more. I have found my visits really enjoyable and have no regret in taking this subject. Every visit i have left with a big smile on my face realizing my love for children. After after my visits i felt like i had achieved something whether it was doing the observation and writing it up or knowing that Emily had had a really good day. Now i sit back and look over all my visits and i feel like i have made a big achievement. I have really enjoyed doing all the visits and all the activities. I am so amazed to see Emily's development through out all my visits. I really didn't know or expect that Emily would of changed so much because i have never really took that much interest in the way a child changed but i have realized they really do develop so quickly. ...read more.


I know my parents are proud that i could look after a child at the age of two and that i could cope aswell as have fun. My parents seem to be really pleased with me and have supported me throughout. They have encouraged me and seemed very interested in my course. Finally, I have learnt a lot through my visits and noticed that a child is a very conplex thing. My BAR told me about all the different toys a child can use and i never knew there were an age range of toys. My BAR told me what my child should be playing with at the age of two E.G Jigsaws, crayons, tricycles and footballs. I nevrk new that there was such a huge variety of different things for a child. it made me realize that you should take care in what you buy for your children and all the bits that come with it. I mean i never knew half of the health hazards that toy could have. E.G removing of tags, or the sort of fur on a soft toy. My BAR told me what tings i could do to keep my child busy and content by doing a range of activities for all weathers. It also taught me how much a a parent should encourage a child and how much they look up to them. Zoie Justine Clapperton. ...read more.

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