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china one child policy

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Contents Introduction.........................pg dc Law......................................pg dc Infanticide & Tradition......pg dc Tradition.............................pg dc Proportions..........................pg Before & After......................pg Orphanages.........................pg dc Dying rooms........................pg Conclusion..........................pg Introduction China. When someone mentions china what do you think of? High tech brands like Sony, Panasonic, & Fuji film up in lights or maybe Chinese noodles and sushi. What about sumo wrestlers, haiku's and origami? Quite shockingly the thing that most of us forget when thinking about this amazing country is the orphanages full to the brim, the forced abortions, and the female infanticide that goes on everyday. Sadly this is the reality that the Chinese government face today as part of their consequence due to their actions that took part almost 30 years ago... The One child policy This law, passed in 1979 was to "relieve" social, economic and environmental problems in china, and in my essay on japans enforced law of the one child policy. I will be looking at the consequences of this, the views of the citizens who live there , the out come, the traditional impact, & the change in proportions. By the end of my research i hope to achieve a good understanding of china's one child policy from both governmental & family perspectives Law The ...read more.


Although the government has tried to eliminate the death of these legal and perfectly healthy baby girls (by making scans, to determine the sex of the baby illegal, so the couple have no knowledge whether the baby is a boy a girl eliminating the possibility that that is used to determine whether or not the couple decide to have an abortion.) This has resulted in the expand in the Chinese black market. This is what many Chinese couples turn to to find the sex of a baby. More to the fact this scan can cost as low as just �2.70 for a girl and �3.00 for a boy. Which again shows the sexual discrimination towards girls in the Chinese tradition. So as Chinese couples have access to these scans easily even though it is illegal, it still doesn't stop them, therefore still creates the unbalance of the sex ratio. China has the biggest unbalance of males and females in fact it is ------------------- Orphanages The state of the orphanages in china are in horrible conditions. The staff are under paid and have no care for the children. ...read more.


The only verbal contact they have with staff is to tell them which babies have died and to check on the ones in the dying rooms. After the age of 10 the children just seem to disappear without trace. The statistics of the amount of children that live and die in the orphanages are not accurate and have been changed for a number of reasons. the police officers say that they bring in about 20-30 babies a month yet only about 15 are seen at a time so what has happened to the other 15 and what about the other children that had been delivered in the previous months. Lost without a trace. Gone in a flash not even their names remembered, sometimes they aren't even named and if they are lucky some of them are named "no name." Or in Chinese " Mei Ling " These babies are denied existence. But why are they lied about? They are just objects that had once been. Now all that is left of them is lied about even when there is concrete proof like footage it is denied that they ever lived. ...read more.

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