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Climate change + Solutions

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Brian Lockyer EGS - Practical 8 Climate change is a concept that has generated much controversy in recent times, the many competing theories as to why climate change is occurring is no longer meaningful and we are now at a stage where unless serious measures are introduced to combat the causes of climate change human kind as a civilisation could be wiped out forever. As a UCT student and a South African citizen I firmly believe that climate change has mainly been induced by the developed world, however, despite this fact, the responsibilities of combating global change do not primarily lie in the hands of the developed world. ...read more.


According to Martin Parry the fundamental cause of climate change is unsustainable development, both in the past and the present (Parry, 2009:1). Sustainable development is therefore pivotal in forming the fundamental prerequisites for combating climate change. Parry further goes on to emphasize the necessity for the implementation of a sustainable development strategy that 'combines mitigation and adaptation in a whole package of other development strategies, including high levels of efficiency and equity in resource use, investment, governance and income growth' in order to successfully and effectively confront climate change (Parry, 2009:8). In response to the article published in the Mail and Guardian on the 10th September 2009; combating climate change will not necessarily stagnate or reduce development. ...read more.


Climate change is a global problem that can only be solved through global cooperation and teamwork. The injustices of the past must be forgotten and both the developed and developing world must work together to ensure the immediate and drastic reduction in emissions. Combating global climate change is a long term process that requires extreme dedication and ruthless legislation that will ensure the full cooperation from countries the world over. Economic growth is not the priority anymore; mankind could potentially be on the brink of extinction unless drastic measures to combat climate change are implemented. 'When the last tree is cut down, the last river poisoned, the last fish caught, then, only man will discover, that he cannot eat money'. ...read more.

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