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Coastal case study - Blakeney Point, Norfolk

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What is it? Blakeney Point, Norfolk Describe the location of Blakeney point (where is it?) Blakeney point is located in the East of England. It is controlled by the National trust and part of the national nature reserve. How was Blakeney Point formed? ...read more.


That's why the lad is made of sand. Why does this need to be protected? The vast majority is made out of fine sediment deposited by waves. Salt is a major development in this land. Species that are very rare live there. Rare plants grow which can be used by scientist There is a breeding for birds such as seals. ...read more.


As well as the scientist develop a lot of new thing using the rare species such as s medicine. What is being done to protect/manage Blakeney point? The land is being preserved and controlled by the national nature reserve The area is controlled for restriction of buildings The area is restricted for fishing and another human uses . ?? ?? ?? ?? CASE STUDY-Coastal landform created by deposition Louci Sridaran 10.4 ...read more.

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