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Commentary for a fishing magazine article

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Commentary for magazine article I have chosen to write an article for a fishing magazine. The article is going to be written in order to persuade and inform the target audience what is to be people interested in fishing who have experience with the sport. I have chosen to write about river fishing and how it is under rated now that there is a large and increasing number of commercial fisheries popping up around the country. I decided to put forward my views on how I felt about the under usage of the rivers after a recent visit to the river Aire in Leeds town centre. In my opening sentence I used a three part list and the words "magnificent, picturesque and limestone" are used to emphasise the scene of the river and are also very persuasive words. This puts a picture into the reader's mind that the river is like one from a fantasy fairy tale. ...read more.


I then almost criticise readers by writing "These people must be mad" but the criticism is avoided as it is though I am speaking to some one else. I then tell the reader that the fishing on the river Aire is free and this works well to encourage the reader to try river fishing as it gives a good comparison of "�10 and FREE." Referring back to the target audience, I say that the target audience is an experienced angler, This is because some of the words I use in the article are technical fishing terms. For example I use words like "pegs" and "swim", these words to any person have a totally different meaning to what they do with an angler. Another sentence where technical fishing words are used is "The in-line groundbait feeder is the most regular method" This means very little to people who have no knowledge of fishing and therefore shows the article is for people who have experience with fishing. ...read more.


I use the word "Spook" and this could be considered as colloquial and stop the speech being formal, but to an angler it makes perfect sense. This is another term for the fish being scared and again is a technical word used in fishing. In paragraph nine I use a bid in order to save myself in-case of a lapse in the fishing. I write, "if the river isn't showing any signs of action there is a safety net just 5 minutes walk away." I do this simply because I can't carry on ranting and raving about how well the river fishes if the people I am telling it to go and fail to catch. I use the word "safety net" as this just reassures the reader that if all else fails then help is at hand. In the last paragraph I use a rhetorical question "Why not try the river Aire one week?" This arouses curiosity within the reader, also carries on the fishing idea using a metaphor and makes the reader want to find out more about the river or maybe even try the river. Word count 1022 ...read more.

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