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Compare and contrast the attractions and facilities for visitors

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Geography Coursework GCSE The Question! Weston-Super-Mare and Brean Leisure Park are two different tourist sites near each other. * Compare and contrast the attractions and facilities for visitors to these areas * What impact does tourism have on the surrounding area? * Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? Weston-Super-Mare Brean Leisure Park Introduction This project is based around tourism, we have been asked to answer a question that is about tourism in the two areas near to each other. These two areas are Weston-Super-Mare seafront and Brean Leisure Park. The question is first, to compare and contrast the attractions and facilities for visitors to these areas. Two, what impact does tourism have on the surrounding area? ...read more.


cities near to the two locations are Bristol, Bath, Swindon and Southampton, big towns would include Bridgewater, Minehead, Clevedon, Street and maybe Frome. Major Transport Link The most major transport link that is closest to Weston and Brean is the M5 running south past Bristol, Weston, Brean and Lympsham. Most tourists would use this route to get to the two areas. Also the M4 is linked to the M5. This is our sphere of influence, the area in which our tourism and advertisement will be most beneficial and listened to. The background of tourism in Weston is an old record, the original reason that Weston became a tourist town goes back to Victorian times, this is when British beach holidays became really popular, and therefore it has been a tourist centre for years and is still on top as one of the best places to go for a British holiday. ...read more.


Brean in general started as a natural area full of historical value. The national trust took ownership and protected the Down (The Main Headland) from any building, although others started building around it, it apparently started interest when people began to come to the site for holidays and then found out about the Neapolitan Fort (also used in World War 2) and also the fascinating history of the headland. Overall people get attracted to this general region not only because of the beaches, even though it's the main popularity reason but also all around the area there are major shopping center's, entertainment in Bristol and also surrounding Weston and Brean are the Mendip hills, perfect for a walking and camping holidays. ...read more.

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