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Comparison of MEDC tourist towns METHODOLGY

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Methodology: The aim of this investigation it to find out which town is better the better place to live, i.e., which has the best facilities, shops, services environmental quality, attractiveness etc. To answer this question I will need to employ many different methods of data collection which will allow me to observe numerous aspects of each town. All these data collection techniques will be carried out in each town on different days and will be undertaken in both AM and PM. To find an answer to this statement, several key questions will need to be asked: * Which town is more physically attractive? - i.e., environmental factors and also man-made factors * Which Town has the wider range of shops/markets available for both tourists and residents? * Which town has the most importance for tourists? -i.e. which town has the most long-distance tourists and tourist attractions? * Which town has the most internal congestion? -i.e. pedestrian and vehicle. * Which town has the most amount of litter and litter control techniques? Below is a table showing all the methods to be used and information about them: Method Sample Size Where undertaken? Time 1.EQI- Environmental Quality Index, a measure of the environmental condition of a certain area. 3 Per town In different areas around the towns, preferably totally different surroundings for each one AM 2.Sound Maps- A way of recording all the noises around a certain point in a certain time space on a map, showing direction and distance and direction of sound. 3 Per Town Also in different places around the town, perhaps same places as EQI are undertaken. ...read more.


Below is the questionnaire I will be using in Bakewell and Uttoxeter Person 1 P2 P3 P4 P5 1. Is ........ your local town centre? Y N Y N Y N Y N Y N 2. If no, where have you travelled from? (nearest town) 3. Are the shops the main reason you're here? Y (go to 4) N (go to 5) Y N Y N Y N Y N 4. If YES, which type of shops mainly? D=Daily- food (butchers, baker, supermarket), newsagent, R=Regular - clothing, shoes, books, CDs O=Occasional - jewellery, gifts, electrical, florists, furniture SB=Service - banks, estate agents, solicitors, hairdressers, travel agent SF=Service - cafes, restaurants, pubs, takeaways. E= Extra (own category) D R O SB SF E D R O SB SF E D R O SB SF E D R O SB SF E D R O SB SF E 5. If NO, what other reason are you here for? W= Work - on lunch break from work or in town on business S= Social - visiting friends/relatives L= Leisure - here to see sights, visit leisure centre, O=Other W S L O W S L O W S L O W S L O W S L O To find out which town has the most importance to tourists a collection of methods will be used. Firstly the shopping questionnaire data will be used to find out whether the person is local, if not where are they from, and why are they here? I will then be able to analyse whether tourists are from far away, and if they are then I can see that the town is appealing to people from all areas of the UK. ...read more.


However I do think that the Bakewell shops will be more tourist-orientated, whereas Uttoxeter will have more service shops, like butchers, charity shops and mini-supermarkets. I also think that the quality of shops will generally be better in Bakewell because it has a stronger economy than Uttoxeter. I expect that Bakewell will have much more tourists and tourist attractions than Uttoxeter. This is because I think it is in a much more accessible and tourist-visited area than Uttoxeter. Bakewell is nearer the peak district and other tourists attractions, which has many more tourists than Staffordshire. Bakewell is also bigger and prettier than Uttoxeter, and has more attractions like the river and the tourist farm centre. I also expect that the number of tourist facilities and services, like toilets, to be a lot higher in Bakewell than Uttoxeter. My final expectation is that Bakewell will have much more internal congestion than Uttoxeter; however Uttoxeter may have more traffic problems, this is because I expect Bakewell will have more visitors in cars but it will have a more advance infrastructural road system to deal with this traffic. However I do think Bakewell will have much more congested pavements and more pedestrians. I predict that in Bakewell more pedestrians will be counted in the afternoon than the morning, and the same in Uttoxeter. However I do think Bakewell will have a larger total number of pedestrians than Uttoxeter. However whilst undertaking my data collection I do expect to encounter certain problems: * People refusing to answer questionnaires * Pedestrians counts being inaccurate * Inaccurate data collection of shops * Either town could change dramatically depending on what day we visit it (e.g. market day) * Errors in results when they are all compiled together. ...read more.

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