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Complete a piece of travel writing based on an interesting place you have visited, either abroad or in the United Kingdom.

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Complete a piece of travel writing based on an interesting place you have visited, either abroad or in the United Kingdom. "Wow!" I gasped as I stood amidst a flurry of foreign buildings, culture and language. This wouldn't have normally been so blatantly clear, but I was right in the middle of the bright and ethnic 'Prague Folk Festival'. Prague celebrates a variety of carnivals throughout the year, ranging from classical music concerts to 'Tanec Praha', a modern dance festival. Although the festival may have been bright and joyful, I still couldn't ignore the menacing buildings behind. They oozed with beauty and sophistication, but there was something sinister and ominous about them too. The Old Town Hall, situated in the Gothic 'Old Town' on the Vltava's east bank, is a prime example. It stands in between a row of colourful Renaissance buildings and intrigued me so much, I decided to haul myself up what it seemed an infinite number of stairs to reach the top of the tower, but let me tell you, it was worth it. As I looked down on one of Europe's most beautiful cities, its compact medieval centre looked like a maze of cobbled lanes, ancient courtyards, dark passages and numerous churches. Prague is also known as 'the city of a hundred spires' and from this breathtaking view, that is exactly right. ...read more.


The onion soup was fine, although you can't really go that wrong with such a simple dish. However the main course, Kachna, served on a gigantic platter, was fantastic, and to my surprise I finished the whole dish. I then asked the waiter for the bill. In Prague, asking for the bill is the worst part of eating out, especially if you are a tourist. Most waiters and waitresses are known to add on a 'tipping'charge without even notifying you, and be careful, if you don't ask for your change, it is unlikely you will get it back. Sometimes they will even add on an extra 23% surcharge onto your bill. After stuffing myself with countless carbohydrates, I decided to head back to my hotel. After my last experience in a Czech taxi, I thought it best to ring a taxi company. Many tourists fall into the trap of catching a taxi on the street, resulting in overpriced fares, as Czech taxi drivers are notorious for ripping off tourists. It is best to get a rough quote from the taxi companies on how much it would be on the phone so, when you do arrive at your destination, you'll know straight away whether the fee is acceptable. As Prague castle is on the other side of the Vltava River, I decided to make my visit there a day trip. ...read more.


Her martyrdom came about when she was strangled from behind as she knelt in prayer. The picturesque Golden Lane, a narrow street lined with tiny, low houses originally built in the 1500s to house the castle guards, is another must-see in Hradcany. Most of the houses are now shops, selling arts, crafts, books and souvenirs. The house at No 22 was once home to the great writer Franz Kafka, and is now a souvenir shop in his honour. Outside the Castle perimeter, but still within the Hradcany area, is The Loreto, an important place of pilgrimage for Christians from around the globe. The main feature of The Loreto is the Santa Casa, a copy of the house believed to be the Virgin Mary's. Constructed in 1661, and dazzling with solid silver decoration, the Santa Casa is a breathtaking sight. Upstairs in The Loreto is the Loreto Treasury, which is accessed through the kind of door usually reserved for bank vaults. It is easy to see why. The treasures in here, mainly dating from the 16th-18th centuries, are all housed behind thick glass, and protected by hi-tech laser security, such is their value. You can only gaze in wonder at the displays of solid gold and jewel-encrusted religious artifacts. So, you should get the point by now that there is not much in the way of modernism in Prague. It is a Mecca for those with an eye for history, for architecture, and for culture. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Human Geography section.

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