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Condensed Case Studies

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Geography - Case Studies (condensed) San Francisco Earthquake, 1989 * California is on a conservative plate margin * Pacific plate west, north American plate east * Earthquake - 7.1 * Struck at 5.04 pm, October 17th * 63 deaths * 1 million homes without electricity * Damage estimated at $7 billion * Interstate 880 collapsed, trapping motorists * SF and Oakland airport closed - damaged * Marina district in Bay area extensively damaged, collapsed buildings, fires from ruptured gas mains Mount St. Helen's Eruption, 1980 * Washington State, NW USA * Part of Western Cordillera, * Destructive plate margin * Erupted early Sunday morning, May 1980 * Rumbled for 2 months - 5 mile exclusion zone * Earth tremors triggered landslide * Pyroclastic flow (rock, gas, steam) * Ash cloud 12 miles high * 57 deaths (low because Sunday morning) * Rivers + lakes filled with mud * 400m lost from top of volcano * Logging camps, roads, bridges and houses destroyed Holderness Coast, the * NE England * Retreats 1 or 2 metres per year * Strong prevailing winds (to west) --> strong longshore drift * Soft clay cliffs --> easy to erode * Mappleton, south of Hornsea on cliff top is in danger * 1991 - rock ...read more.


* 90% of the products transported by road, good transport links * Large local workforce situated around 3 miles away from the site (Stafford/Penkridge). * Reasonable amount of space for the centre to be built on and to expand. * Its market has to be national, made easier because of the good transport links. * Uses National Grid - cheap * Materials are manufactured goods Tourism in Menorca (MEDC) * Main towns: Ma� and Ciutadella * Situated in Balearic Islands, in Mediterranean Sea * Low annual precipitation; 450mm in autumn & spring * Hot/dry summers * Avg. summer temp.: 30�C * Many family-friendly resorts and beaches * Beautiful parks e.g. Es Freginal Park * Placa Alfons III with good restaurants and caf�s * Cycling tracks & good views * Families in summer * Nature-lovers in spring * Employment * Monetary stability * The area is developed and regenerated for tourism, and also helps local people * There is no year-long employment, as there are very few tourists between November and April; paro (money) is given to tourism workers who have no job during winter Tourism in Kenya (LEDC) * Main towns/cities: Nairobi, Mombasa * Situated in Eastern Africa * Low plains in coastal area, which rise to central highlands, Great Rift Valley. ...read more.


* Income: Fields opened for camping, lots of B&Bs. Tourism keeps local shops going- 'honeypot' villages provide lots of jobs, �75 million made each year * Preservation and conservation: Caudwell's Mill restored as a visitor attraction Magpie mine preserved (industrial site) Redundant farm buildings now accommodation 300 local and traditional events Problems of tourism * Congestion of villages and beauty spots; Honeypot areas overcrowded - full car parks, blocked roads * Erosion of paths and sensitive vegetation 3005 km of public right of way Heavy use --> major erosion, esp. on moorlands where made worse by loose peat, high rainfall and wind Heavy wear caused by off road vehicles and mountain bikes * Danger and disturbance to wildlife Sandpipers nest on ground --> sensitive to people passing * Litter - unsightly, causes pollution, damages livestock/wild animals. Broken glass dangerous to people. Cause of fire * Damage to farmland - trampling crops + grass reduces animals' winter feed. Left open gates mean livestock escape. Sheep killed by uncontrolled dogs * Tourist villages - gift shops + cafes for tourists make more money than shops for locals e.g. baker's, butcher's. Locals feel they are being pushed out by tourists/ they have more facilities ?? ?? ?? ?? JA - 1 - ...read more.

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