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conflicts of interest in dovedale national park

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Conflicts of interest within a National Park: "Does public use of areas of natural outstanding beauty always result in negative impacts?" Introduction: Iam using Dove dale as the basis for my field study, I am investigating this because iam trying to investigate whether tourism has a negative impact on the areas in which tourists visit. Iam using Dovedale as the basis of my study because it is the closest to Leicester and it is one of the most visited national parks in the UK. I think I will find out whether or not public use of areas in Dovedale can result in positive or negative impact, however it is more likely that it will have a negative impact on the natural beauty of the park. Some problems I may face may include lack of resources, not enough time to collect enough data to support my hypothesis. National parks: a national park is a reserve of land. It is owned by the government and no human development and pollution is in the national park. ...read more.


We need national parks in Britain as they provide safe homes for native plants and animals. They help us keep our water and air clean and help us learn more about the environment. Even though we don't live in this environment it gives us an idea of life outside developments, congestion, pollution and many other man made things. Their many activities within a national park the most popular activities are walking, cycling, climbing, angling and shopping. Their many other activities however not as common as the ones mentioned, these are Golf courses and golf tips , Squash clubs and squash articles , Team building London Team Building, Canoe coach training and Yoga. Of the millions of visits made to the Peak District National Park every year, over 2 million visits are made each year to the Dove and Manifold Valleys. Of these visits, 9% of the people come for sightseeing and a further 21% visit the area to walk (Peak National Park Visitor Survey 1986/87). ...read more.


Though the numbers of tourists are increasing, tourists enable national parks to be functional. Tourism helps many national parks as it provides more effective ways of earning a living through means of the tertiary sector (providing a service e.g. shops) rather than farming primary sector. The impact of tourism is similar to that of tourism in a town/city or country however the tourism in a national parks are not as immense as that of man made developments in cities/countries or towns. Tourism effects national parks in dissimilar ways to that of the named areas above, national parks are affected by foot erosion change in the way the national park is kept and development structure. Only 38,000 people live in Dovedale and most of these citizens probably encourage tourism as it provides them with jobs. The highest job provider is through the means of tourism followed by manufacturing, farming and quarrying. I'm going to investigate the issue of tourism by simply carrying out some surveys and questionnaires to people in the Dovedale. I'm going to prepare a survey asking various questions about tourism and its affects. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kasha Regisford ...read more.

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