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Conflicts tourism brings to Castleton.

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Conflicts tourism brings to Castleton. Tourism in Castleton causes many conflicts. These conflicts occur between different groups of people, who want different things from the honeypot. The main conflicts, which occur in Castleton due to tourism is that between the locals and tourists. One of the biggest reasons that cause conflicts between the locals and tourist is because of the traffic. Because of the great numbers of tourists that come Castleton cause a great deal of traffic congestions along the villages roads most of which are narrow. This tourist traffic contributes a lot to the level of noise and pollution in the area. Another conflict linked with the tourist traffic is that some of the tourists park cars in inconvenient places, and by this they block driveways and narrow roads causing problems for the locals. ...read more.


There are many other smaller conflicts between the locals and tourists that occur in Castleton. Issues like tourists peering into gardens and cottages causes conflicts because locals want privacy. Other issues that occur in Castleton that causes conflicts are that tourists sit on garden walls, tourists asking the way to places and tourists asking to use caf� toilets and eventually this begins to irritate the locals. Locals are also worried about their safety at night because of the large number of tourists in Castleton. The second major conflict that occurs in Castleton is between tourists themselves. This is because there are many different groups of tourists who want different things from Castleton. For example the walkers and some other groups want to see a quiet countryside. Therefore, they will not like the fact that Castleton is a busy honeypot and is noisier than hoped because of the other groups such as the rock climbers and gliders. ...read more.


They may even on some occasions loose some sheep, which is obviously costly for the farmers. Another issue that causes conflicts between farmers and tourists is the fact that tourists sometimes block the entrance to fields. This causes problems for the farmers because they will then not be able to enter the fields with their tractors until the tourists return to their vehicles, which sometimes can be many hours later. This wastes a lot of the farmers time and may even cost them money. A final conflict that occurs between farmers and the tourists is the fact tourists often stroll through fields with their dogs. If their dogs are off their lead they will chase the sheep. This could be even more costly for the farmers in spring when many of their sheep will be pregnant and the fright of being chased by a dog may cause them to have a miscarriage. ...read more.

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