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Coombe Abbey coursework. A Historic house and Rural Environment.

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Coursework Stoke Park School and Community Technology College By: Navdeep (11T) Introduction Page My hypothesis is, Coombe Abbey is a rural environment and does not need management. Coombe Abbey is a historic country house in Warwickshire, England. It is located in the countryside between Coventry and Rugby, roughly midway between the two. Coombe Abbey was founded as a monastery in the 12th century. Coombe Abbey was bought by Coventry City Council in 1964 and opened to the public. Coombe Abbey Country Park itself is now a hotel and many people lived there. The size of Coombe Abbey is set within 500 acres of breathtaking parkland. My 3 key questions to help me answer the main title are: 1. What are the ecosystems found at Coombe Abbey? 2. What impact does human activity have on the urban-rural fringe? 3. How is the impact of human activity managed? The key question will look at what ecosystems are found in Coombe Abbey. The key words of the first three questions are ecosystem, impact, human activity, and urban-rural fringe. An ecosystem is a natural system consisting of all plants and animals in an area together with all the non-living physical factors of the environment. ...read more.


the footpath we measure that how deep is from the start to the end and I have put this tables into graphs on a separate piece of paper. Navdeep Singh Navdeep Singh (11T) Key Question 3: how is the impact of human activity managed? This key question looked specifically at the impact that human activity has on the urban-rural fringe. In order to see the impact that humans have had on the environment, where I have listed some of the problems and area affected. The problems in coombe abbey is that, there is too much litter for example there is too much litter in the lake , the trees are falling down people throwing litter on the lake . To solve this problem the people working on coombe abbey should put bins in to areas like lake and coniferous forest. I have taken some pictures of the lake in coombe abbey where you can see litter everywhere: Navdeep Singh Data Interpretation/ Conclusion Key Question 1: What are the ecosystems found at Coombe Abbey? There are three ecosystems that are found in Coombe Abbey this ecosystems are Flora, Fauna and the non-living environment Fauna: a group of animals that live in a particular region Flora: a group of plants that live in a particular region Non-living Environment: sun, air, water, soil and parent rock are all non-living things. ...read more.


There is also more number of people in lake because there is nice view, they want to feed the ducks and it is the 1st ecosystem in coombe abbey. Navdeep Singh High Quality Low Quality 5 4 3 2 1 Attractive Ugly Peaceful Busy Clean Dirty Tidy Untidy Special Ordinary Safe Dangerous No cars Many cars Well kept Poor kept Interesting Boring Like Dislike KEY: Lake= Car park= Play area= Visitor centre= Forest= By looking at this table this shows the there are more high quality in play area because it is attractive and it is special o more people will go there. People visit least in the car park because it is not special not interesting at it is not tidy enough. Navdeep Singh (11T) Summary Conclusion: My hypothesis is "Coombe Abbey is a rural environment and does not management "because careful management is needed to ensure that that coombe abbey is fully protected for example taking care of the animals, elders and the environment so I think that they does not to manage Coombe Abbey Country Park. Evaluation Page: So, overall I think my result was correct, accurate and good. I could also improve my project by adding some more details and get more information at Coombe Abbey to ensure that I can answer my overall questions with a lot more details. Navdeep Singh (11T) ...read more.

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