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Coral Reef Project

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Introduction Coral Reefs provide a critical source of food for millions of people. Encircling tropical islands, they provide protection from the worst ravages of tropical storms. They have also become a beloved destination for those seeking solace on tropical shores, or adventure, diving into the world of the coral reef, whilst providing a new source of income and employment for some of the world's most impoverished nations. Threats to Coral Reefs There are quite a lot of threats to the coral reef ecosystem. Here are some of the Threats: Water Pollution- Water Pollution comes from many things for example fossil fuels, pesticide and sometimes to many nutrients. Sedimentation- This is caused by Construction along coasts and shores, mining, logging and also farming, all of this leads to erosion. ...read more.


People driving boats could drop their anchor straight into the coral which could ruin it. Coral Reefs in Palau The Republic of Palau is a separate group at the end of the Caroline Islands, 741km east of Mindanao and 1,300km southwest of Guam. There are 20 larger islands and 500 small islands stretching over 700km. The biggest island, Babeldaob, is volcanic and contains the capital, Koror. The south western islands of Palau are 339-599km to southwest of the main archipelago. There is a 144km well-developed barrier reef with 86km on the western coast. Ngchesar and Airai islands also have barrier reefs. The total coral reef area of Palau is 1,661km2. ...read more.


Sustainable Development Sustainable Development is Development that meets the needs of the people today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Countries around the world have opted the way forward with Sustainable Development. To aid Sustainable Development Tourists will need to be educated with what the can do and cannot do. This will lower the risk of the coral reefs being damaged. Also this transfers education to responsibility to the Tourists and have to be prosecuted for the actions they take if doing wrong. As the tourists now know exactly what the can and cannot do, there will have to be special marine laws taken out. ...read more.

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