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Costly congestion charges for cars.

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Costly congestion charges for cars. Sophie Lakes I love my car! So sue me! Am I really the only person living in England who can hand-on-heart say that the pure convenience, comfort and care-freeness of cars makes me choose them over subways, buses and trams? No, I didn't think so. I left my office today to find a nonsensical piece of writing (that is, a parking ticket) had been carefully placed under the windscreen wiper of my innocent Renault Clio whose back wheel was just barely touching the yellow line that I had so hastily tried to avoid parking on this morning. ...read more.


Not only do car drivers, who lets face it, that's most us not brave enough to face public transport, have to pay for petrol, insurance, tax and the car itself, we now have to face fines for not just driving badly, but just, well, driving. Five weeks from now, England will see its first congestion charges, �5 a day for car drivers to enter the centre of London between 7am and 6.30pm. These congestion charges will apparently solve the problems of over crowdedness in London. Just like speeding tickets stopped speeding and parking tickets stopped dodgy parking. Oh, hang on... With all the wealth and prosperity in London, surely more of the taxpayers pounds could be put into building roads capable of handling the cities needs? ...read more.


Buses are no better; the drivers are unhelpful, unfriendly and incapable of driving at a reasonable speed. Soon enough, us drivers will be paying for everymile we drive, for time we change gears, and for every extra passenger we carry. Things will soon be going from bad to worse. There will be no familar and peaceful buzzing of cars late at night, there will be no "I woke up late, I'll drive" and no smiling lolly pop lady outside your kids school. London is not the only place to be affected by these charges; pretty soon any large city in the country will see them too. Only people power will put a stop to this. Make your choice; say no to congestion charges. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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