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Coursework Maastricht Market

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INTRODUCTION Maastricht is the capital city of the south most Dutch region, called Limburg, and one of the most important cities in the Netherlands. It is located in the south-eastern part of the Netherlands very close to the border with Germany and Belgium; the city develops on both sides of the river Maas. The Market square, located between the Boschstraat kwartier and the Stokstraat kwatier, is the squares that, in Maastricht becomes, on Fridays, one of the most important economic centres, visited by Germans, Belgian, Dutch and, of course, by the "Maastrichtenaren" (population of Maastricht), who go there to buy, visit and learn more about the Dutch culture and traditions. This topic talks about a research that we, as Form 5 student at ISM, had to conduct last May in Market square, interviewing buyers and sellers we were able to find there. The main aim of this topic is to describe and analyze the range, sphere of influence and catchment area of the Friday morning market and to find out what the main attractions and interests are, according to the point of view of buyers and sellers. Above is a map of the city. ...read more.


Food is also a good-sold product with a rate of 6. All around the Market there are many types of stalls selling raw food such as fruit, meat, vegetables, candies and much more, and also cooked food like roasted chicken, fish, French fries etc... This histogram shows the frequency of coming to the market. Since the sellers' job is to find customers, the more often they go, the better chances they have to make money. For the buyers the thing is different. Most of the buyers come from Maastricht so they don't need to travel for long time and they can go to the market at their discretion. For those who live far from Maastricht and need to travel longer distances the frequency of their visits is, of course, more limited. Here we have a bar chart showing the number of people and the reasons for coming to the market. The sellers look at the customers as the only for them to be there, since they go there, mainly, to work. An other reason is the nice atmosphere they find, but far less important than the busyness. On the buyers' side the main reason is the tourism: in fact, there are many people coming from places far from the ...read more.


The distance is a factor: near places are more likely to be visited than far ones. This is true even in countries like Germany, Holland or Belgium where the means of transportation are, basically, secure, timely and clean. An interesting point to analyze was the number of people interviewed. According to me, not enough to evaluate the phenomenon correctly. The reluctance some visitors showed didn't help us much, and also the time at our disposal, in addition to our inexperience, wasn't as much as we might have needed for such a research. The data collected was probably gathered in an incorrect manner, since the numbers weren't corresponding correctly. My suggestion for a future investigation would be to have a coordinator, better if this individual has got some experience in the matter, able to organize and distribute the workload among the participants, both during the investigation phase and during the data collection one. This would reduce the risk of working with wrong information and would allow every participant to organize his job in a proper way. No matter what happened, I had a great day and I hope to live a similar experience again, possibly inquiring other sectors of the daily activities. 8 ...read more.

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