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critical commentary

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The Critical Commentary Recently, global warming has become an important issue. The world is heating up and therefore the temperatures on the earth are rising. Two articles from the telegraph, "Man is to blame for global warming, US admits" and "The truth about global warming- it's the sun that's to blame" show contradiction on the issue. The whole debate here is that whether we as humans are causing global warming or is it due to the sun. Both of the articles give very different views on the causes of global warming. The article written by Alex Spillius, strongly suggests that humans are causing global warming. The title "Man is to blame for global warming, US admits" also emphasizes this as the US, i.e. the world's biggest industrial country is saying this. The article is also very recently published, on 15/09/07, which makes it more believable. The quote "Professor John Marburger said it was more than 90 percent likely that mankind was causing global warming", backs up this article with figures and professional evidence. ...read more.


This can be seen as President Bush has invited world leaders to Washington to discuss and debate the subject. The article also uses evidence to support the argument. Firstly, it uses quotes from an expert. The expert is "George Bush's top scientific advisor" and his name is Professor John Marburger. He says "The CO2 accumulates in the atmosphere and there's no end point, it just gets hotter and hotter, and so at some point it becomes unlivable." This tries to imply that if we keep using fossil fuels and produce CO2, one day we may die. The article also uses figures to back up the point, it says, "it was 90 per cent likely that mankind was causing global warming". The article is very biased as it does not state any other possible reasons for global warming and blames it all on humans. However, the other article shows that it is the sun which is to blame. It shows that the sun has been brighter recently and that average temperatures have been increased by 0.2�C over the past 20 years. ...read more.


Everyone would have a different view on this topic. I believe that a lot of scientists are working hard to find the causes and that the political people e.g. George Bush are trying to decrease global warming. This issue is very serious and complex. I also believe that we should also cut down the use of cars and burn less fossil fuels. The UK government has also bought changes such as congestion charge to resolve this problem. Most articles in the media talk about CO2 emissions that cause global warming but we don't know whether that is the only reason. Overall, I believe both are to blame. Both articles are targeted at educated and possibly rich people. This is because the telegraph is a broadsheet. Also, both of these articles are persuasive and give different views on the causes. The article by Alex Spillius is much more biased than the one by Michael Leidig and Roya Nikkhah. Both of these articles are there to persuade the reader and encourage them to do different things therefore it is hard to say which one to support. How are you able to know what exactly is causing global warming? ...read more.

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