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Critically access the scientific evidence for global warming and explain using selected examples how its impacts could produce problems and benefits for human activities and land uses.

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Critically access the scientific evidence for global warming and explain using selected examples how its impacts could produce problems and benefits for human activities and land uses. Global warming as it states in its title is a global phenomenon which has global implications. Present day situations are not at any levels to cause major change in the global scale of things but localised problems are becoming apparent and causing a global investigation into the causes and possible future effects of global warming. The scientific predictions available paint a bleak picture and without immediate intervention into the causes of global warming the impacts on all areas of human society will soon become apparent. In this essay I am going to access the evidence available on global warming and how this evidence leads to the impacts that will affect human land use and activities. The greenhouse effect is the way the earth is warmed in the day by the incoming rays from the sun and cooled at night by inferred waves leaving the earth. ...read more.


One Idea is as the atmosphere gets warmer then so too will the water in the world oceans. As the sea water warms up it will expand this will cause a eustatic rise in its level by between 0.25 and 1 meter by 2100, this rise alone would submerge low lying coral islands (Maldives.) This rise will also increase flood risks at large river deltas such as the Nile and Bangladesh. The flooding of large area would lead to huge amounts of environmental refugees and lose culture and history in these areas. The second idea is Polar ice caps would melt this is where there is a dispute the idea is that they would melt and cause huge rises in sea levels. Recent evidence suggests that temperatures in the Antarctic have risen considerably over the past few years and this has caused little or no noticeable effect on ice cap melt. ...read more.


Global warming will over the near future cause a global increase in temperature this increase is going to cause a number of problems but not all the effects will be negative the effect of global warming will be manageable but there will be a tremendous economic cost there will probably also be a great lose of life especially within third world countries along their coastal regions where the majorities of their populations live due to the fertile land that is found there. The main things to be effected by global warming will be temperature which will in turn cause a change in the agriculture of many areas there will also be a lot of change within the water supply new fresh water supply's will have to be found or millions will have to be spent on the protection of fresh water areas to combat the problem of salanisation. Vegetation in areas will change forest types will alter. ...read more.

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