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D1 Recommendations on how a UK tourist destinations can increase its appeal to different types of visitors

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D1 - Recommendations on how a UK tourist destinations can increase it's appeal to different types of visitors How the lake district could increase it's appeal to young people The lake district has a lack of nightlife and entertainment facilities which are the things that young people would appeal to. In order to increase the appeal more exciting activities should be introduced that would be equally as fun for young people. Cheaper accommodation should be built. Youth hostels and more budget accommodation should be built. This accommodation should include many entertainment facilities such as swimming pools, bars and restaurants. They should also have TV's and provide internet access. Some of the adventure activities should be made cheaper so students and young people can afford it. ...read more.


This would persuade more young people to visit. Another way of improving the tourism of young people to the lake district is to hold sports contest and offer huge prizes. Young people are the most competitive and this is why many young people would come to these events. New, exciting and unusual activities could be invented and hosted at the lake district. For example a giant obstacle course or a new crazy sport such as a mad cow race. A mad cow race could an obstacle course where the participants have to ride on cows. This would encourage young people from all over the country to visit because it is an unusual and exciting new thing. Another exciting activity is a pie fight. This is where everything throws pies at each other. Water gun and waterbaloon fights can be held. ...read more.


Another way of improving tourism to the lake district is to hold a big music and sport event. The event could include music and sports which is what the lake district is known for. Celebrities such as music artists and sports heroes could be invited to the event. Because the lake district has a lot of land space this is ideal as there will be enough room for everyone. Audiences can camp on the land. A museum could be built. It could be called the National museum of extreme sports. Many young people will find this appealing because they are interested in extreme sports. The museum could provide information on how extreme sports have developed and their history. The museum could hold regular events such as sporting events which would also improve tourism to the lake district. Discounts can be given to people in groups and hotels, restaurants and adventure parks can give discounts to students. ...read more.

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