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'Deforestation in the Amazon benefits some people at the moment. It also causes problems for other people, both in Brazil and the rest of the world.' Discuss.

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Deforestation Introduction This assignment is based on Key Idea 2: Problems can arise when one group pursues its own interests to the detriment of others. Deforestation in the Amazon has led to conflicting interests in the Amazon region. Potentially it can affect societies worldwide through global warming. In this assignment, I will agree or disagree with the following hypothesis: 'Deforestation in the Amazon benefits some people at the moment. It also causes problems for other people, both in Brazil and the rest of the world.' In order to draw up a conclusion to the hypothesis, I will be looking at the different types of developments, which have already taken place in Brazil and also, the different reasons as to why Brazil should be developed and why it shouldn't. I will conclude my assignment by analysing the evidence that I have gathered. Since the 1960's, several types of developments have taken place in the Amazon rainforest. Brazil has the largest foreign debt of any developing country at over $100 billion. If this debt were ever to be repaid, a vast amount of money would be needed. This money would be available if Brazil developed its rainforest. Many foreign loans and multinational investments were taken out by Brazil during the 'Brazilian Miracle' of the 1960's and '70's in which large-scale projects made Brazil into a modern industrial nation. This 'miracle' left Brazil with enormous debts. Although this created thousands of jobs, the gap between the poor and rich continued to grow. ...read more.


Brazilian politicians want to develop and sell land, so, deforestation is good for them as they get to sell the land and develop it. This way, they can pay off the debts for their country by exporting beef and selling land. A lot of land in the rainforest was given to landless peasants by the government. These landless peasants, together, have managed to clear millions of hectares of rainforest and are still doing so today. As these peasants milk the soil dry, the soil becomes infertile, so, peasants have to move elsewhere, clear more land and start again. In this way, large amounts of the rainforest are lost forever. Source J is against development in the Amazon. It talks about the burning of trees which release carbon dioxide which can lead to Global Warming. Cattle ranching in the Amazon increases the build up of methane, a gas which can lead to Global Warming. The burning of trees to quickly clear land for ranching, increases the build up of carbon dioxide, another gas that can lead to Global Warming. Global Warming occurs when there is an increase in the Earth's temperature. This is due to the use of fossil fuels and other industrial processes, leading to a build up of 'greenhouse gases'. Carbon dioxide and methane are two of the four greenhouse gases. In the Amazon, mass cattle ranching increases the build up methane, a gas which can lead to global warming. The burning of trees to quickly clear land for ranching, increases the build up of carbon dioxide, another gas which can lead to global warming. ...read more.


These developments in Brazil are creating a 'vicious circle'. Brazil will forever be in debt, no matter how much money is made from developments. Although Brazil benefits from these developments in the short-term, in the long-term, Brazil is going to make a huge loss. Inevitably, the planet will suffer due to Global Warming creating an ever-increasing climate. This will lead to the already poor, less developed countries and societies finding it more and more difficult to survive. All these developments mean exploiting the Amazon's natural resources, which can never be made up. In reality, exploiting and developing Brazil's natural resources will inevitably increase inequality, as it is brazil's rich who will benefit greatly, with the poor hardly benefiting at all. I do not see any point in coming up with ideas for so-called 'developments, if they are going to destroy something as valuable as the Amazon. Destroying the Amazon Rainforest does not seem like a development to me. All over the world, the increase of Global warming and the increase in climate as a result, is putting vast amounts of pressure particularly on those societies who are less able to contend with difficulties. These are mainly the poor people in Bangladesh, and those people who are living on the frontier of the ever-advancing Sahara Desert. Reducing inequality in Brazil would be greatly difficult, I think to go about doing this, the Amazon Rainforest needs to be re-planted, and this would benefit the majority. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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