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Delimiting the Central Business district in Chippenham

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Delimiting the Central Business district in Chippenham Our aim is to find out if there is a CBD in Chippenham and if so where it is located. Introduction A CBD is a central business district. This is the place where the majority of office blocks are and a large amount of comparison shops and shopping outlets. Also a factor that shows is that the land rent is high leading to the land being used to its full potential. I predict that there are several places in chippenham that could be possible CBD's. These are as follows: * In the upper part of the town near to the station * In the central high street * On the outskirts of town located in the bumpers farm industrial estate. Out of these I believe that the high street and the centre of the town are most likely to show characteristics of a CBD. ...read more.


We will repeat this get an average. * Pace out the frontage of the shop to find if there are any with a much larger space than others (these will probably be the chain stores). * And count the number of fast food and restaurant outlets from the arches to the market place at the top of town, as this will give us an idea of where the demand for fast food is at the highest. Once we have done this we will be able to plot graphs and draw conclusion of where the CBD is. Results and graphs A graph to show the pedestrian density on the centre of Chippenham This graph shows very clearly that as we get closer to the centre of town the density of pedestrians increase which is what we would have expected. Woolworth's is the place where the highest density is this is the middle of the high street. ...read more.


We also made an observation that in the north of the town there are a high amount of solicitors and building societies. These are comparison businesses so rely on each other for their trade; this is why they are all so close together. If I were going to this experiment again I would change certain things depending on the amount of money and recourses I had available to me. I think I would try and have a higher amount of people doing the pedestrian counts so that I could have larger amounts of data. This would hopefully improve the quality and accuracy of my results. I would have done the experiment at several different times if day to find out if that had an influence of the data. The experiment was done on a temperate day so I don't think the weather would have affected the results. I would have done the frontage of the shops with slightly more accurate equipment (measures with instruments rather than pacing). Thins may have had a bearing on the results however I think that the pacing method was fairly accurate. ...read more.

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