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Describe and explain the location of different land uses in LEDC cities

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Describe and explain the location of different land uses in LEDC cities In Nairobi there are eight different land uses within the city. These are the CBD, open space, the industrial zone, high-income residential areas, middle-income residential areas, shanty settlements, low-income residential areas and self-help housing. Below is a model of the functional zones within Nairobi. The CBD (1) is the area where administration happens which includes the Parliament Buildings and the prestigious Kenyatta International Conference, commercial activities and shopping. Large hotels are also located here and in the north of the CBD there is the University and also the National Theatre. It is similar to that of 'western' cities however congestion and competition for space are even greater here. All the national buildings are in the CBD because they will be able to afford the high rent prices as the government will be paying for them as they use them and that money is provided by the people of the country. ...read more.


Multinational firms have been built around the airport road as it means that everything they produce can be transported quickly by plane to all the firms in Africa, and this would take less time than transporting products by train or road. They can afford the cost of transporting their materials by air as well because they are likely to be the richer companies as they are multinational. Wealthy European colonists and later, immigrant Asians lived on ridges of highland to the north and west of the CBD. Today, Europeans tend to concentrate in Muthaiga and the Asians in Parklands and Westlands. The high-income residential housing was built in this area as the large houses could then be out of the way of the malarial swamps. The Westlands is also a popular place to live as well because it has many shops and restaurants where the rich can eat and shop. On Nairobi Hill there is also several large hotels for the rich who are visiting and don't want to stay in the centre but in the areas where the rich are, like them. ...read more.


electricity so the conditions of living there aren't as low as the shanty settlements but not as high as the middle-income housing. In a small area in the north-east of the city just south of the River Mathare there is an area of self-help housing. It is similar to the areas of low-income housing as the council has provided basic amenities and at a cheap price, building materials. In Dandora which has just over 120'000 residents, relatively wealthy people have bought plots of land and built up to six houses around a central courtyard. Then a tap and toilet was installed in each courtyard and electricity and roads were added to the estate. They were built in these areas so that the owner could buy the land and materials at a cheap price and able to rent the houses out which are needed by his/her family to people who couldn't afford the middle-income housing and could then rent. Or instead if they had a bit of money could buy the property and materials from the council themselves and build their own houses. ...read more.

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