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Describe how global warming has affected a ski resort in 2032

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Task 4 Describe how global warming has affected a ski resort in 2032 A few years ago this ski resort was a different world. In the winter months it used to be cramp packed with people, families have a ball of a time in the snow. They used to ride the ski lifts to the top and ski all the way down. Used to really nice. People were warned then about global warming. Everyone said they needed to do something about it and said they were going to do something about it but nobody ever did. That why we're in the middle on December and its bone dry out here. Its not even old enough to wear a thick jacket- you'd be boiling after a while. ...read more.


The place used to be covered in snow- top to bottom. Now we'd be surprised even in the snowline even reaches a quarter way up the slope. If you have a close look around, you notice that most of the houses around here are empty. Most of the people moved away when the old resort shut down. They said they lost their lives in more ways than one and that it wouldn't ever be the same again. So, anyway, because they aint a lot of people here anymore, they don't use the dams anymore- they reckon it cost more to uses those then it does to use our generators. They don't care. They just chew everything thing up and then move on when its all gone. ...read more.


But, when we do- we often walk down to lower land where we can catch a ride or we get the chopper to come and pick us up. The tourists have all moved on to bigger and better places- they often go to the U.S.A. or some other artic holiday place. We don't have much of a life anymore- our small village. Everyone knows each other here. We usually all just meet up where the old resort used to be and spend our days going for walk, playing silly games or just sitting around having a laugh. Sometimes I think that the world just forgot about us. Its not a nice feeling after we let them into lived hoping that it would be for the best- but they just stabbed us in the back. They just used and abused us from day one. ...read more.

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