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Describe the main buildings and show how their use has changed over time - Stoke Bruerne

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Describe the main buildings and show how their use has changed over time. The buildings in the surrounding area of the canal will help us find out how the canal system affected the lives of the people and the landscape of the villages of stoke bruerne. The first building I came across was the Brick Built House. This building is made up of brick and wood. Looking from the front it looks old and derelict. It is now used as a private house but looks very abandoned. This building used to be the lock keepers cottage. This could have been helpful and reliable because it was right near the locks, however it is not totally reliable because things have changed, for example the door has been replaced and there was an Ariel on the roof. The next building was The Small White Hut. This building is made from brick and wood and there is plastic guttering. This little hut is now used as a storage room for British waters, it used to be a leggers cottage. Leggers were people who laid on the boats and pushed the boat through the tunnel using there legs and feet. the leggers cottage is now used as a storage room because leggers are no longer needed as horsepower replaced them. The next building was The Boat Inn. The building is made from brick and glass windows, there are also signs hanging outside the building. The Boat Inn is now a Pub Restaurant; 150 years ago the Boat Inn was the same but was also used as a Butchers and Barbershop. The Boat Inn used to be mainly used by traders, but nowadays is mainly used by the tourists because over the years a lot of the trade was lost, so there wasn't a lot of traders' passing through the area to use the Boat Inn. The next building was The Restaurant and Bar. ...read more.


Another reason life could have been uninspiring as there was no time for schooling, this meant that people would grow up not being able to read or write. A headmaster at Stoke Bruerne primary school kept a log book of admittance to boat children "May 22 1922. Admitted a boat girl today. She can neither read nor write." the lives of boat people were dangerous. A source from the Parish register book shows us how dangerous it was. it reads "1809 October 21st Susanna and Mary Blunt wife and daughter of John Blunt, both drowned in the canal between the hours of three and four o'clock in the early morning. Looking at the source from the school log book and the source from the parish register, you can see that the children who lived on the boats had to work long, hard, tiring and dangerous lives aswell as the adults. Most boat people became forced to live on their boats after having problems on land; this meant they had to live in a cramped condition. Their shopping was done on the move, washing both clothes and a person was done at the canal bank. Boat children did not have normal lives, young children and even babies had to play on the roof attachments. This all could have been uninspiring to these people. Life however living on a boat could have been fun. Life on the canal must have been far more fun than in a Victorian school room. The canal was a romantic place so many families lived happy and worked hard to help each other out. Life on the canal was one big adventure. The transport industry was a well paid job and provided a secure future for the boat people. In my opinion I don't think the life of the villagers was hard or uninspiring as they had a chance of being educated and getting a good well paid job in the future. ...read more.


In my view it seems as thought there are some things that are no longer left at stoke bruerne to show that stoke bruerne was an industrial area of the canal life. It is now in a different line of industry- tourism, because tourism has changed stoke bruerne, there is not 100% understanding of what and how life was like 100 years ago. In my opinion all the sources are good and bad in different ways. If I was to visit Stoke Bruerne for the first time I would have liked to see reconstructions of the building which have changed, in the museum, as they were 150 years ago, for instance the corn mill could have been built as a reconstruction inside. The surgery that Sister Mary Ward could have been remodelled in the museum, even if it was a small part of each of these buildings. The buildings that have not changed are a good source as they are the same as they would have been 150 years ago. The canal itself is a good source, it has stayed the same through the years, and the only change made to the canal was the turning point for the tourists' day trip boats. The Blisworth tunnel although it has tried to collapse it has remained the same. All the sources are good evidence of the past. They are only bad sources of evidence when they have been changed, for example the lock or the restaurant and bar. Overall I think Stoke Bruerne Museum was the only place that gave all the information about the past; this was because it had information about everything. Although stoke bruerne as a whole was one big museum, it is not totally reliable because some areas have changed. In some aspects stoke bruerne is a good source of evidence to find out about the past, but due to tourism changes it cannot be that reliable to find out some information. STOKE BRUERNE COURSEWORK ...read more.

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