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Desertification in sahel

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Issues Political Social Economy Environmental Players Pastoralists The government has not raised any awareness of overgrazing so the people do not know this dilemma is occurring. People overgraze as the fields are small so vegetation is used up faster. Taking good care of animals is an African tradition and finding food is difficult. Feeding cattle is the only way to make money as outsiders only buy fattened cattle. Due to the lack of food most cattle die, so not much is sold. Vegetation is used up too fast so the animals are getting a better source of food then humans: there is a lot of competition to find food. ...read more.


The soil richness is showing signs of desertification Soil is degraded due to over grazing and destroyed through human misuse. Farmers The government did not help the farmers after the civil war as they failed to realise the problems. Villagers steal food from are another in order to survive. The towns have become less secure. Wood is used for useless aspects such as fire. Wood is being used but as it is useless it cannot be sold. Also there is a higher risk of deforestation occurring. Agricultural land is close to the desert and there was suffering as a result. ...read more.


As the population rises Sahel will be more endangered so they need to be controlled in many tactics. Scientists Failure to cope with desertification dates back to the French economy which changed agricultural patterns: independent government led to more pressure on the land. The Slaughtering of cows after fattening them due to overgrazing is becoming much too common and this not a good thing. Droughts have begun to take a great economic toil as crops fail. Western aid has become much too prominent. Millions of square miles have been lost through overgrazing. Desertification is carrying on and is mainly due to human misuse. The progress of deserts may only be temporary as rain can return vegetation. Matrix ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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