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Desertification to The Sahel.

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Desertification to The Sahel. GCSE Oral Mocks. The region known as the Sahel is a wide stretch of land running from the Atlantic ocean to the African "Horn", an area that contains the countries of Ethiopia, Djibouti, and Somalia And it is the strip of land that separates savanna from the desert, the issue I have been researching is Desertification to the Sahel, in other terms, The Sahel is shrinking at an alarming rate. Animals have been allowed to graze on its fragile land, which has destroyed the vegetation. The people who live along the Sahel have caused it to shrink by cutting trees and bushes for fuel. Global climate change is when the world's climate is changing temperature and the weather around us is changing. ...read more.


About 50 years ago farmers use to produce 7 times as much produce as now. This is a climate graph for Ethiopia, which is in the Sahel zone, and as you can see on the Temperature is very high and the average precipitation is low for what the temperature is in most months. The people affected by Desertification and climate change could move further south of Africa like Cameroon or Congo or other county's around that sort of area, We could do this by Transporting them all by bus, train or car if it is possible. Migration is a good idea because it will stop Desertification in a way or slow it down by less over grazing, deforestation, Over cultivation. ...read more.


overgrazing etc. The UN and aid organisations have helped the local people by giving them money and shelters and schemes to help them get along. It is a good idea to help the people in this zone because other wise they might starve or get seriously ill. A village elder may react to the plans to change people's way of life Not very good because he would probably loose his role as doctor or something important that he would be. And an Aid working would like the plans because it would be better for the other people of the town etc. On the basis of my findings I have concluded that, the Sahelians should move down south. I have come to this conclusion because it is better down there because there is more crops, more usable land, better lifestyle. E.g. more homes, schools, jobs etc. ...read more.

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