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Designing your dream city. I would like to design my city on the Atlantic coast of Ireland to become a major trading port across the Atlantic with the US and Canada. It is also my aim to develop it to become a flourishing centre of Irish industry.

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ESSAY 5. Designing your dream city Final Version Mu Jin Choi, 19/07/2009 If I were to be an architect and build a new ideal city, I would build it in hitherto undeveloped coastal regions. It is because building more cities in an area already overloaded with population would cause inflation and insufficiency of resources. Building a city by the coast can also help it to achieve rapid growth because of the coast's conveniences for trade and transport. Furthermore, the regions around the Northern Atlantic are currently the center of the economic and political world, which I would choose as a good background for my new city to prosper quickly. There rarely exist undeveloped areas in that coastline but for a few countries such as Ireland and Mauritania. First, let us talk about Mauritania. It is placed in West Africa, on the tip of the Sahara Desert. The dry climate there makes water scarce, cultivation difficult and the development of large cities almost impossible. All the major cities in the region are still placed on the Atlantic coast where it is comparatively easier to cultivate land and trade with other states. ...read more.


My city would have a population of between 150,000 and 200,000, making it the second largest city in Ireland after Dublin and the biggest port in the country. Diversity will be the theme of the design of the new city. As a first measure to create diversity, it would be divided into different parts according to the major uses of each section of the city. One part, located about 4 miles to the mainland, would harbor more than 60% of the city's population with some farms in the outskirts around the housing area, which will be very eco-friendly as I will mention later. The second will be the industrial area, with many manufacturing factories located at the seaside where a harbor would be constructed. The range of industrial facilities to be built in the port area would include a variety of product-manufacturing such as ship-building, car-manufacturing, steel-refining and the production of electronic objects. The third would be the financial area, the downtown between the housing area and the industrial area where large buildings and offices will serve as the headquarters of industrial enterprises and trade companies located in the city. ...read more.


For example, the main street will have 6 lanes on each side - one for pedestrians, one for bicycles, one for buses, one for monorails (to replace the subway) and two for personal cars. Citizens will be encouraged to take public transportation rather than personal cars. This is the design that I have lain out for the city I will build. I will divide it into sections: an eco-friendly housing area in the suburbs, an urban finance zone in downtown, a coastal industry area with a harbor and lastly a tourist hotspot in the beaches. Although it may not be perfect, it would be ideally constructed to become an important trading port and a successful industrial area. The environment will always be put first despite the percentage that the manufacturing industiy takes in the total of the city's industrial activities. The happiness of the citizens will be ensured through a nature-friendly and convenient city structure. I say with conviction that this city would be further able to effectively ensure the rapid economic growth of the Irish economy which has been too focused on agriculture and thus caused the traditionally low economic status among West European nations to become one of the biggest economic nations in the world. ...read more.

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