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Development - looking at the progress of a country and how much the country has matured.

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Introduction Development, in this case, means the progress of a country and how much the country has matured. Development is a process of change and improving peoples lives. Also development is shown by the quality if life from people in a country. This is shown in many ways and in this assessment I will explain development to you. The development of a country is very important as it will improve and lengthen people's lives. A more developed country has on average a better quality of life and is normally but not always economically richer. In this project we will be looking at how countries become more developed and what factors make a country developed. Method I found many things about 10 different countries. I found out the GDP per capita in each country in US$, the energy consumption per capita, the death rate per 1000 people, the birth rate per 1000 people, the amount of internet users in 1000's and the infant mortality rate per 1000 births. All of these factors put together for each country will decide how developed that country is. The countries I looked at were: United Kingdom, Italy, Sierra Leone, Nepal, Argentina, Venezuela, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Brunei and Iraq. ...read more.


This increases the chance of younger people to have children. Also social and religious beliefs can affect the birth rate. This is because Italy the UK and Slovakia are mainly Christian countries and the bible discourages sex before marriage. Another reason that the birth rate is higher in Sierra Leone is that they have no ways of using a condom to prevent a baby. They also do not have much equipment for abortion. Female literacy rates affect the birth rate as well. As a more educated woman would not have children because of financial difficulties. A less educated woman would not know of financial implications. Economical levels also affect birth rate because less economically developed countries are more likely to have a higher birth rate. The more poverty in a country the more likely it is to have a higher birth rate. Children are seen as an economic resource in developing countries as they can earn money. Infant mortality rates affect the birth rate too. If a country has a high infant mortality rate like Sierra Leone then it will be more likely have a high birth rate because a child could die and then the mother would want another child to replace it. ...read more.


Poor medical equipment and low education affect the infant mortality rate because around 55% of children who die in Sierra Leone could be saved if they were born in the UK. Illness also affects infant mortality rates. Sierra Leone has a huge illness problem whilst the UK and Italy do not have many infectious diseases. Conclusion For all my graphs I have given each a country a score from 1 to 10. 10 are the worst which indicates less development. For my first graph the country with the lowest Gdp will get a 10 and the highest will get 1. The energy consumption is the same. For the birth rate the highest country will get a 10 with the lowest getting a 1. The same for death rate and infant mortality rate. The highest amount of internet users will get a 1 with the lowest amount of internet users would get a 10. This table shows that the UK is the most developed country and Sierra Leone is the least developed country. This table is more reliable than all of the graphs. It actually shows everything across the board. Slovakia had a bad Gdp but it was good at most other things so one indicator should not be relied on too much. ?? ?? ?? ?? Development 28/05/2009 William Rainbow 1 ...read more.

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