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development planss

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For the past few months there has been a proposed redevelopment plans for Shirley. The options available are: * Supermarket * Factory * Park * Housing Estate We spoke to a retired person who said, " The good thing about having a local supermarket is that it is not far for me to go to. But the bad things are that there would be so much traffic, which is unsafe, and the busy roads. I would hate it if we had a factory near us because there would be so much noise and pollution in the air. Also the smell would be unbearable. It would be lovely to have new houses built. Retired people like me could move in a larger house. ...read more.


But then there would be gangs and vandalism or maybe litter. It would be nice to have new houses built because then I would have somewhere to move in. The bad thing about having my own house or flat is that there would be robberies and vandalism, or even gangs. " We also spoke to a young mother who said, " It would be useful to have a local supermarket because then I don't have to travel far and also there would be a cr�che for my young children. But then there will be lots of busy roads and noise. If we had a factory near by, it would be okay because I could get a job. However I will have to pay for a child minder. ...read more.


It would be nice to have new houses near me and the good thing is that there will only be a small increase in traffic. But there will also be a small increase in pollution too. It would lovely to have a park because I could see the beautiful view and somewhere to relax. The best thing is there would be no increase in traffic. " In the next couple of weeks there will be a decision on whether to have a supermarket, a factory, a park or housing estate. Many areas like Shirley are being redeveloped. Other situations like this are likely to come up in the near future. In conclusion the people that I spoke to, their main concerns were air and traffic pollution, even though having a supermarket is convenient and a factory would create employment, there were still mixed feelings. By Samneet Aydee ...read more.

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