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Development Project - comparing Canada and Kenya

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Contents Page Brief/Method..........................................Pg 3 Table of Findings.....................................Pg 4 The 12 Factors.......................................Pg 5-6 The Graphs.........................................Pg 7-10 Measuring Development........................Pg 11 Conclusion.............................................Pg12 Evaluation.............................................Pg13 Development Project Brief: In this project, I have been asked to show the development of two countries. The information was researched from books, resources, internet etc. Method: The two countries that I have chosen to write about Is Canada and Kenya. I have chosen Canada because of its interesting facts and the fact that it is a developed country. The other country I have chosen is Kenya, I choose this because it is a developing country and I wanted to see the similarities and differences between them. I also wanted to choose Kenya because of its interesting features and cultures. There many factors to focus on, in this project so I will both show my findings and research in forms of tables, pie charts, bar charts. TABLE OF FINDINGS I have researched my two countries using the internet. I then printed this information out to show that I have done my research. To make life much simpler, I collect the necessary parts of the research, and complied this into one easy to read "Table of Findings" The 12 Factors As you can see, I have chosen 12 factors to compare the two countries: I have chosen Roadways, Railways and Airports because I wanted to see the transport difference. I was hoping this would then show the huge difference of how developed one country is and how underdeveloped the other is. ...read more.


An LEDC has minimum funds for education, so it's GDP and economy rate would be lower. Infant Mortality: Infant mortality rate is the number of newborns under the age of five, divided by the number of live births during the year. As you can see from the information produced, Canada has a very low Infant Mortality Rate. This is very good statistics because they have more live birth than death. As a MEDC, these statistics indicate that the health care system is of high standards. They are clean, hygienic and have high success rate. Kenya however has a very high Infant Mortality rate. Meaning that they have an unsuccessful birth rate and a very high child death rate, This LEDC has very poor health standard for hospitals. The rich may have private doctors for their own use, but for the large population, Hospital health care is unhygienic and unfunded. This means that they have a very low success rate. My graph shows me that Canada has a high bar meaning that it has a very high GDP per Capita. However, Kenya has a low bar meaning that it has a very poor GDP per Capita rate. This means that on average the salary in Kenya is only 1,600 per person, for an economy to grow this number needs to increase. This is caused by dangerous, underpaid jobs, which decrease the rate of GDP per Capita. ...read more.


to bring down the rate of deaths from this killer. Evaluation How could I of improved my project? I have had many lessons for this project. Unfortunately, I did not finish within the lessons, and so I had to do it as homework. I think I need the extra homework extension, because I did not manage my time wisely. Otherwise, I would have finished it within the time bracket. I think that I could have presented my work neater on paper, as I had to type it up on the computer. More/different factors? I think that I should have picked more factors to do with population. This is because I only have information about Birth rate, and not Death rate or Life Expectancy. I think telephone mobile cellular was inappropriate because I did not know what it was. Presentation of Data? I think that I should have presented some of the data in a population pyramid. This is an easier way of telling whether it is developed on not, because of it shape. Inaccurate or surprising factors? I did not find any inaccurate date, because I used up to date figures for my project. I was very surprised with some of the factors to do with Kenya. Exports were very surprising because I would have expected this to be quite high. They normally trade food product with many countries and given this information, I was expecting it to be high. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Minesh Patel 9L 9YZ G1 ...read more.

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