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Discuss the biological effects of deforestation with consideration towards preventative strategies.

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Pooja Sudera Discuss the biological effects of deforestation with consideration towards preventative strategies. Earth without forests is a picture that most of humankind presently could not conceive. Forests cover much of the planet's land area and so therefore are extremely important to humans and the natural world. Since so many are dependent on the world's forests, deforestation will have many social, economic and ecological effects. This essay focuses on the biological effects of deforestation and the preventative strategies. The first biological effect is that biodiversity will decrease. Deforestation leads to species extinction and the loss of food chains and webs we know little about. The biodiversity of life is notably much greater in the rainforests. Tropical rainforests may contain one-half the world's total species. The tropical forests are most affected, but temperate woodlands are also at great risk. Deforestation destroys genetic material, which may be of great scientific and economic value. Humans have only studied a tiny percentage of the plants and animals that live in the tropical rainforests and only a fraction of these have been genetically studied. ...read more.


Increased soil erosion and landslides is another biological effect. Following deforestation the kinetic energy of raindrops causes splash erosion as without the forest canopies intercepting the rainfall and absorbing the energy of the rainfall, soil erosion is increased. Deforestation increases the volume and velocity of rainfall reaching soil and accelerates soil erosion or leaching-the downward movement of soluble nutrients through the soil profile. Both soil erosion and leaching will decrease the overall productivity of the soil. Deforestation is a serious problem. But humans can make a difference. An individual as well as a business can practice green consumerism. They can make an effort to purchase the most ecologically sensitive products. Recycled paper is readily available. Such a product can reduce the demand for timber. Another method is to purposely avoid harmful products by consumer boycotts. In terms of deforestation, these include tropical rainforest wood, old-growth wood and beef produced on ranches in the tropical rainforest. For additional effectiveness, boycotts can be applied to other products of companies involved in deforestation as well as their subsidiaries. ...read more.


Also a world ban on cutting down hardwoods should be done and basically have stronger international legislation. Humans bear the responsibility for deforestation and the global ecological crisis. But humankind has the ability and potential to change its ways. Humans will probably turn the situation around and the lost forests will be regenerated. The benefits will be many. Trees will help protect the land from the rising seas and further erosion. Biodiversity will be safeguarded, and endangered species will have better chances for survival. Water and air quality will improve. Human health will also benefit from medicinal compounds that are given a chance to be discovered. The population will have great expanses of terrain to find relaxation, seek refuge from cities, or challenge themselves. Local economies will gain from ecotourism and consumers worldwide will gain satisfaction from knowing that their wood products were harvested in a sustainable manner. In order for this to occur humans would have had to undergo some degree of ideological change. Humans will live more sustainable lives and be closer in harmony with nature. Once the crisis of deforestation has passed, humankind will enjoy a finer existence, and will look forward to a bright future. ...read more.

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