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Do corporate chains spell the end for independent retailers?

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Do corporate chains spell the end for independent retailers? Supermarkets and out-of-town shopping centres have been accused of ruining small firms businesses. Do the convenience and ease of use offered by corporate chains outweigh the benefits of diversity and choice? Would you shop at a local grocer rather than your local supermarket? Do chains offer better value for money, or do they monopolise and overcharge? That is what I will be arguing in this section. Below I have done got a statement with a customer who I saw at a local shop to see his views on larger firms competing against smaller firms. 'About once a fortnight I do the god awful trek round the supermarket. I live close to Tescos and regularly shop there. There are great bargains in electrical and household goods to be had without the hassle of the big electrical chains that try and sell you all sorts of unnecessary warranties. I also get the advantage of a wide range of produce to choose from and special offers galore. But I don't do all my shopping here. I buy all my meat from local butchers. It is cheaper than the pre-packaged stuff in the supermarkets. ...read more.


Probably the main reason why small firms like corner shops do have such intense competition from supermarket chains like Tescos is because of the convenience levels they offer its customers. They offer a wide range of goods under one roof. Local shops do also offer convenience but in a different way. Their convenience is being close and local while large stores like Tescos offer convenience of having all your requirements in one store under one roof. The reality is that supermarkets must make profits for their shareholders. They do this in a number of ways. One method is to keep their suppliers prices very low. They can easily do this because of the sheer quantity they buy. This is due economies of scale. One you are in the store they employ many tricks to get you to buy that item that you really didn't need. How many times have you been to store and come away with far more than you went in there for? They really do employ some clever psychological tricks to get you to make that extra purchase. Many people may also say that small firms are also expensive then large stores. ...read more.


Television ads have generally been perceived as expensive, but with today's costs you can get an off-peak time slot so this shouldn't be ruled out. Only a minority of corner shops have done this method due to its price but the advantage of this is that you can specifically show how your shop is a 'cut above the rest'. Making a valiant attempt to set yourself aside from other shops will be a effective method too. But this method really shouldn't be attempted because of the charge of doing so. Print ads are the one that most small firms utilise. Printing your advertisement in a local newspaper is ideal for publication. But it is not a sure guarantee it will succeed as many small firms have said that they get mixed results for this type of advertising. It is very economical and is relatively a good process of advertising your business. In this case advertising local firms like corner shops. One evolving medium that many small businesses seem to favour is the Internet. Establishing a Web page is fairly easy and inexpensive. Using the internet is an inexpensive venture because you can get your web page up and running very efficiently. The more people that jump on-line and competitive Internet servers offer cheap new incentives, local businesses, which were once resistant to new technology, are increasingly warming to the Internet. ...read more.

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