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Does Global Warming exist?

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Does Global Warming exist? Evidence For: Evidence Against: * Methane Increasing Levels of atmospheric methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, have risen 145% in the last 100 years. Methane is derived from sources such as rice paddies, bovine flatulence, bacteria in bogs and fossil fuel production. * Peculiar Weather Recently, young people in Vietnam noticed strange white stuff covering the fields. They had never seen snow before. It is the coldest spell in the country for 20 years. * Carbon Dioxide Increasing in Atmosphere The atmospheric levels of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, have increased since pre-industrial times from 280 part per million (ppm) to 360 ppm, a 30% increase. Carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere are the highest in 160,000 years. ...read more.


Kenya (In Kenya) has lost 40% of its mass during the period 1963-1987 or at a much faster clip than during 1899-1963. - Greenland's glaciers are moving more rapidly to the sea, caused, perhaps, by melt water lubricating the base of the glaciers. * Climatic Forcings Many scientists have suggested that other factors are responsible for rising temperatures, such as natural changes in the number and size of volcanic eruptions or an increase in the sun's output. Such phenomena are referred to as climate forcings. This would mean that humans are not responsible for the increase in temperature over the last 140 years. * Tropical Diseases Spreading A recent study by New Zealand doctors, researchers at the Wellington School of Medicine's public health department said outbreaks o f dengue fever in South Pacific islands are directly related to global warming. ...read more.


Cold periods have had the opposite effect. * Forest Fires In Australia, where it is summer, forest fires are the worst for 50 years. 400 homes have been destroyed, and the fires almost reached the capital. * Animal Behaviour Many butterflies and birds are moving to the colder north to escape rising temperatures. The golden toad in Costa Rica has become extinct because its habitat got too warm. * Melting Arctic Sea Ice The Arctic, with an area about the size of the United States, is seeing average temperatures similar to the Antarctic, almost 5 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the planet as a whole. * Early Starters Flowers are blooming, frogs are mating, and birds are migrating - 2.3 days earlier on average each decade. These changes are what you would expect if spring temperatures were rising. African Floods In March 2000, Mozambique's floods caused 180,000 people to flee. Many died. Warmer temperatures cause more evaporation, and result in heavier rains. ...read more.

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