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Does Ringmer need a bypass?

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I am going to do my project on whether Ringmer needs a bypass because of the levels of traffic and noise there are, especially in rush hour times. In my investigation I am going to do a traffic count to see how many cars really do go through Ringmer at different times of the day, I am going to make maps of possible routes of where the bypass could go, I am going to ask local people if they think having a bypass would be a good idea. I am going to go to all of the places whereby a bypass may have to go through, e.g. a farmers field, so I would ask the farmer if they would allow it to be built. I am going to contact the Ringmer council and I am going to contact east Sussex council and see what they think of having a bypass. I am doing the project in Ringmer because it is a village that is growing fast and the main road is going to be right in the middle of development. Ringmer is also a convenient place for me to work with, as it is very close. ...read more.


Here I have used a line graph to show the relation of the number of vehicles with the time of day and the place. I have used this because it is an effective way to display how much traffic there is at different places and on different days. I have done this with the total number of all the vehicles added together on a single count at 1 location e.g. I have counted all vehicles on day 1 at site A at 8.30- that would be 1 point on my graph. This displays where I think the bad traffic jams are, the green areas are the sections that are clear and the red are bad congestion spots, the blue star just indicates the middle of the road section. This wasn't intended as part of my research but it is just something we noticed whilst doing the traffic counts. I think this could prove useful as to where the new bypass route should go, and what other roads the bypass could be linked to, to stop traffic jams. The Diagrams below show some of the possible bypass routes that we suggested in the questionnaire, the number next to it represents how many people chose that route. ...read more.


I think that my traffic results are pretty accurate because I tested it in 2 places and on different days, also at different times so I got a good range of data. I think that the landowners not paying much attention to the questions might of effected the results a bit but not much. I don't think others would of interpreted the results differently to me. The conclusions I came up with, I personally think are very good but possibly biased towards my opinion. I could have asked other people with different opinions what they thought of the bypass and my conclusions to see if they would of made any different conclusions from the data I gathered. I could have had conclusions whereby there may be no need for a bypass as there wasn't enough traffic to need 1, that's if the research was done differently to the way I did it. I think that generally the enquiry went well, just the landowners not paying much attention to the questions I asked them was the only problem, this could have affected my results and conclusions, also my conclusions could be biased because of my opinion. If I did it again then I would give the landowners more time to answer my questions and I would get more people with different opinions to interpret my data that I gathered. Ollie Manning 11s Ollie Manning 11s ...read more.

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