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Does UK Public transport live up to expectations

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Does UK Public transport live up to expectations? Introduction Public transportation has always been a key issue to the government by trying to promote public transport more than using a car. Today public transport is pushed more to help reduce factors of pollution and congestion which seem to be growing all over the UK. Transportation needs vary greatly depending on peoples commuting needs and therefore trying to focus on transport as a whole over the UK is very difficult to research. I have used over 20 documents to help me research this statement. Literature Review Out of the documents that I was able to find the documents seemed to have very positive or negative opinions about public transport with only a few mixed opinions. The following facts were from mixed view documents. There were many documents which were about crime on public transport and around areas of public transport. The main issues were about train stations and buses where situations of theft were experienced on regular basis. Crime is a factor which is now being dealt with increasingly with investments going into cameras at train stations and increased security. Buses are also being equipped with cameras on board so that drivers can see the upper floor. ...read more.


This sort of system could be used more to attract people to public transport. In the capital congestion charging has been found to be effective as 30% reduction has been seen. This has raised the use of public transport in the capital which can be said to be an effective system so far. This can be read as document AP11 in appendix. There have been protests by people who live in countryside's. Protests have been carried out as many commuters are now cutting through countryside's to avoid traffic and the result is the countryside is becoming congested. Protesters are trying to urge developments to be made so that people do not choose to cut through the countryside to escape congestion. The above topics were from articles which were very positive in the use of public transport. The following situations and statements are from articles which are negative towards the use of public transport. A major way of commuting is the use of trains however recent surveys and articles show how trains are becoming more and more unreliable. This in some cases has been ever since the railways have become privatised. Delays have been caused due to routes being closed down due to repairs with little indication of delays. ...read more.


A major issue which is also holding people back from using public transports seems to be the facilities provided by buses and train as seats are normally scarce and small. I believe that public transport in the UK is an issue which needs a lot of work. I personally travel 100 miles each day and choose to drive due to the convenience. I believe I like others choose to drive as when making your own way to a destination we feel more in control and are not so venerable to factors such as late trains and buses. When driving, there is a comfort level of heating, space and music which, is not the case in public transport. I believe if people could be sure that they could reach a destination on time with more confidence then they may consider not using cars as much. I also believe that people are unwilling to part with the use of cars so much due to the cost of running them. When owning a car a owner is to pay for the car, maintenance, fuel, an MOT, insurance and tax. After paying all these costs I believe people don't want to use a service which is unreliable. 170 CBS Information Skills and Personal Development ...read more.

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