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Dominican Republic

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How is my life compared to living in the Dominican Republic? Living in Jakarta is not that different than living in the Dominican Republic. For example, they both have similar geographic features, weather etc. Most people earn money in the same ways, and the types of homes people live in are probably the same. The Dominican Republic like Jakarta is situated around the north of the equator, making the weather hot and humid. This also means that both countries get convectional rain (a type of rain cycle, for countries around the equator). Since they are both situated near the equator, they have two main seasons, the rainy season and the dry season. ...read more.


This influences people a lot, because they need to know what to do if a volcano explodes!!! Jakarta and the Dominican Republic, being both very poor countries, suffer from money problems. There are two main communities in these countries. Firstly the rich. These people have big, high up jobs, earn lots of money and live in big houses. The poor have small roadside stalls and live in mud houses and slums. They earn about 2months of the rich persons salary in one year. Both these countries are steadily growing, but help is needed for those who need help. The people who have no arms or legs, people with money issues etc. ...read more.


during the rainy season, roads would have floods, meaning people are stuck in traffic jams for 4-5 hours. The availability of water and electricity come in vast quantities to the rich. For the poor, they get electricity but it will go of or hours on end. This influences people because they have to get used to playing outside and entertaining themselves for the tome when there is no electricity. The water they get comes from the rain. That's why on the roads many people pray that it rains. In Jakarta especially, people count on rice. They don't consider it a meal, if there is no rice. In conclusion, both these countries have similar living styles, and are similar in many ways. Also both these countries, since they are poor need help, so they can thrive and live like most 1st world countries. ...read more.

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