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drought on the land in north east brazil

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Drought on the land Key ideas: * In Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDC's), many people leave the rural areas (countryside) to find a better quality of life in the large urban areas (cities). Conditions are so bad in the North East of Brazil that many have left to find a better life in the big cities of Brazil. * This migration away from the rural areas in LEDC's has a negative effect on the people left behind. The young leave to seek better prospects leaving the elderly or poorest behind. Those left behind are less able to cope with the harsh lifestyle. * Large development projects in rural areas are an attempt to improve conditions for the people living there but they often have many drawbacks. The large damns on the Sao Francisco River were built to provide hydroelectricity for the North East of Brazil and irrigation water for farmland but not everyone could benefit from this. ...read more.


Most people have beans and rice once a day, goat meat once a fortnight and no green vegetables. The inhabitants of Pau Ferro are used to dealing with death, as it is a part of their everyday life. Many people suffer from minor illnesses like vomiting, but because there are no local doctors in the area, there is a high risk that they will die. Sao Francisco River The Sao Francisco River is the only major river in the North East Region and has nine dams built on it to provide: Water, Food, Transport, Washing, Cooking and irrigation for crops and life. The Sobradinho Dam The Sobradinho Dam cost �366 million. When the lake filled up behind the dam, 75,000 people were displaced and some of the richest farmland lost beneath the waters of the lake. ...read more.


Carmina in Pau Ferro Carmina wants to leave the North East of Brazil to go to Sao Paulo because her uncle lives there. She believes that life in the north east of Brazil is bad; she wants to improve her life by moving to the city. She never stops complaining about the bad conditions of the countryside, and how she has suffered from her brothers and sisters dying. The Future From the video we watched about the North East of Brazil, I have concluded that it is an inhospitable environment and is not safe for people to live. I think that all the inhabitants of Pau Ferro will have to leave and migrate to larger cities as it is their only hope for survival. If they do not leave Pau Ferro, I think that the droughts would get worse each year and eventually would become a desert land. ...read more.

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