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Ecotourism has become popular.

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1. Ecotourism is a type of tourism where tourists seek out an adventurous and educational trip which may include going to mountains and rainforests 2. Ecotourism has become popular because it is a very environmentally friendly holiday and helps undeveloped rural areas. 3. The aim of the game is to help people develop an ecotourism project for the Amazon and to try and make the project there stainable. 4. Another word to describe successful ecotourism is a win-win development strategy for undeveloped rural areas. 5. A) 5. B) Our community used to survive by hunting, fishing and growing a few crops like plantain and manioc. Many years ago our land was covered with rainforest about 40 acres. But as the times have changed we had to cut away 25 acres of the rainforest in order to make room for all the crops we grow now, which include coffee, maize and tea. We make all these for selling at market. People also come to our land for holidays now, some are invited others just turn up. For saving the rainforest we have decided that people can come on organised tours, this may give us some more money to replace the agricultural income so we won't have to cut down more rainforest for farm land. 6) The rainforest now only is 15acres big, most household families now rely on growing coffee, maize and tea for bringing in the money 7 and 8) ...read more.


* Keep the project in the hands of a small group, we are as a small group doing very well, involving the rest of the community will make the whole project unmanageable different people will have different ideas, soon it will get out of control and the project shall be destroyed. We now have our income coming in steadily from tourism and the forest area has expanded considerably we have all of it now and its even overgrowing! * Continue as we are, the ecotourism project is running exceptionally well the income level is very high and we have an overgrowing rainforest, the whole thing has been a success why ruin it and bring down all the income and forest with returning to farming? All our money is coming in steadily from tourism and our rainforest is still overgrowing! This path has lead us to full success it has been a worthwhile project! 9) * Let's try ecotourism it could benefit our early income and expand the rainforest. There has been little change in income and rainforest area. * Run it ourselves, if we hire experts they will have there own views and they'll carry out those on their own without consulting us so we won't have a say in what we think is best for our community. Running it ourselves will also give us an idea of responsibility. There has been little change in the rainforest are and each house is still earning $600 per year. ...read more.


actually get eco-tourism up and running and start making a profit from it, then they can start to put the money into schools, food, goods from market and the community, but only to a certain amount. If they were to invest on all these at the same time they would feel the financial strain and would probably have to go back to growing crops to bring in all the money needed, at any one given time the profits from ecotourism probably couldn't cope with the investment. However if the people spread out the profits of ecotourism on schools, food and so on, over a period of time, not all at once. Then yes the profits would cover the investment, the profits would be used and then be allowed to be accumulate up again and it will cover the costs of the investments. Of course starting a project like this will interfere with the community's daily life. Every day people will have to get up early to cater for the tourists, fit their daily doings around the needs of tourists. Every tourist project is hard work and ecotourism is no exception. I think that the Amazon rainforest should be kept as large as possible; it holds many species of wildlife, birds, insects, crustaceans all sorts of animals live there. It is also a place of great beauty, breathtaking scenery, plants and natural habitats. It is one of the few places untouched by human actions, home to many animals, plants it should be there for people to visit and look at. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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