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Energy Resources Project. There are many power stations of all types in UK. About three-quarters of the electricity generated in the UK come from burning of fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas

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´╗┐Energy Resources Project Energy is the capacity to do work. An object may have energy because it is moving or because of its position. Energy is defined as: "the ability to do work." Energy is an important part of our daily lives. It can be transformed into another sort of energy but it cannot be created and it cannot be destroyed. Energy has always existed in one form or another. Most of our energy comes directly or indirectly from the sun. Electricity is a form of energy and the flow of electrons which was discovered over 100 years ago. Electricity is a basic part of nature and it is one of our most widely used forms of energy. We use electricity every day and it is part of our daily life, without electricity we cannot live. We all need electricity; it does a lot of work for us. We use it many times each day. It lights our homes, warms and cools our rooms, and helps us keep them clean. It runs our TVs, DVD players, video games and computers. How electricity is generated in UK. There are many power stations of all types in UK. About three-quarters of the electricity generated in the UK come from burning of fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas. ...read more.


The climate might become so warm that the sea levels will rise as the polar ice-caps melt. Many costal settlements will then be flooded. This will change the weather pattern all over the world. Burning coal and oil release sulphur dioxide gas, which causes breathing problems for living things and brings acid rain. It harms lakes and river as well as damages forest and building. There are lots of alternative energy resources which we can use to generate electricity such as? Solar power: We use the sun's energy every day in many different ways. The sun heat?s the solar power, where the heat can be used to produce or to generate electricity. Advantage: The energy from the Sun is free and plentiful. The sun does not produce greenhouse gases. Disadvantages: It is relatively expensive to build solar power stations. When it is cloudy or at night there is not enough light so no electricity can be made. Wind power: Wind power is the exchange of wind energy into a useful form of energy, such as using wind turbines to make electricity. The kinetic energy of the wind is used to drive turbines and generators. In Europe, UK is one of the windiest places so we could generate electricity using wind power. ...read more.


It needs to be disposed of carefully Nuclear power stations are at risk from terrorist attack and sabotage. World uranium supplies may run out. Geothermal power: Water is pumped underground and gains heat energy from the hot rocks deep underground. The heat energy is then converted to kinetic energy in the turbine, which turn the generator to produce electrical energy Advantages: Geothermal energy does not produce greenhouse gases The energy source is free and will not run out Disadvantages: There are not many places where we can build geothermal power stations Harmful gases and minerals may occasionally come up from the ground below. These can be difficult to control We could change where we get electricity from to help to reach our target set by the European Union. We could build lot of wind turbines as UK is the windiest place in Europe. This will help us to generate electricity however when the day is calm with no wind we could also generate electricity using geothermal power which can hopefully reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases being polluted in the atmosphere. In UK high tides occurs approximately every thirteen hours and building a few tidal power will also help to generate electricity without both harming human and our world. There is no impact on the visual feature as tidal are underwater and has the most energy dense. ...read more.

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