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Essay on Climate Change

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10/2/09 Is the climate changing? The earth's climate is always changing and is causing disturbance and alterations to the earth, such as flooding, hurricanes, drought and the melting of the glaciers. These drastic changes have been noticed over recent years and are mainly a result of human actions and not due to natural causes in the atmosphere. The greenhouse effect is also a huge subject when we talk about climate change. It is a natural effect which allows solar radiation to be absorbed to keep the earth at a temperature needed for life. However gases like carbon dioxide and methane can absorb some of the infra-red radiation and then begins to warm the troposphere. These gases are natural in the atmosphere but have been added to by humans which lead to a gradual warming of the atmosphere, which then leads to global warming. ...read more.


Excess heat in the atmosphere creates more energy which in turn can cause hurricanes, flooding, drought, rainfall, heat waves, damaged coral reefs, glaciers to melt leading to the troubles of the polar bear. Hurricanes are becoming stronger and more frequent, islands are facing the reality of invading seas which can cause families to move out of their homes, like those on low level plains. These conditions can also lead to heat waves that can kill millions of people in the summer, all due to the greenhouse effect. The low rainfall that leads to drought in the Amazon can then through cause and effect be responsible for forest fires. These drastic environmental changes have a direct link to the damage of the coral reefs from the warm seas, which when ravaged by hurricanes can lead to the destruction of more than half of these essential structures in the Caribbean. ...read more.


Severe floods now occur every five to seven years with devastating effects on people's lives and homes. I have noticed that the pattern of rainfall and flooding have changed over the past few years which I believe is due to the earth's warming. This has a knock on effect on hurricanes and rainfall. Higher sea temperatures not only kill the coral reefs but make hurricanes more frequent and intense. If global warming continues it is expected that rainfall could increase by 10 to 15 percent by 2030. So is the climate changing? In my opinion, and that of world environmentalists, yes it is. The climate change is all linked to carbon dioxide emissions and rising temperatures, which are a direct result of our dependency on fossil fuels, growing population and the world's need for easy, pre-packaged food with little thought to recycling. If the world's Governments do not act together to reduce the damaging by products of industry and our society, then are lives and this world that we take for granted will be over. ...read more.

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