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Evaluation - "Amazon Attack" Board Game

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Evaluation "Amazon Attack" Board Game For my GCSE coursework "The Destruction of the Amazon Tropical Rainforest". I designed a board game. I was in a group with two other people. In this group I designed and painted the playing board, the questions graphics and the instructions. How I did this was I bought a piece of wood (MDF) 60x60cm. I then had to draw the actual layout for the board game. I came up with several ideas and chose one of them. The idea was split in half with one half being native and the other was a logger. The native side was going to be painted in natural/environmental colours. The loggers' side was going to be painted with dusty/desert colours. The loggers' side has a triangle in the middle to separate that side of the board and on the native side a "L" shaped river will be used for separation. I drew this idea in full and then had to decide how many spaces were going around the board. ...read more.


When this dried I put a varnish over the board. The varnish smudged some of pen marks but it came out quite well. When this was dry I made a grid for the trees/stumps and a rectangle for the questions. The question graphics were made on Publisher 2000. The questions were made up by one of the group members. Yet I had to go through them to double check. Once I checked these I then could design the graphics. The back of the questions is a question mark, which has been made at a slant. The front face of the questions was time consuming, as I had to copy the questions from another program and paste them into Publisher. This gave me some trouble as it got confusing and sometimes I lost my place. I used a business card wizard for the design and then chose the colours I wanted. These colours are a preset called "Rainforest". The questions are presented extremely well. The type of question is shown in the dark green title box. ...read more.


By doing this the game can be played by children aged 7 (Key Stage 2) to people aged 16 (Key Stage 4). The disadvantage of presenting it this way is that it could not challenge the players to the full extent of their knowledge. Another disadvantage is the questions will have to be changed frequently as the questions could be memorised quickly and easily. I could improve my work if I had more time by developing the board. I could have made power cards so you are able to take trees/stumps off his opponent and add to your own side, etc. I could have developed the board by using computerised graphics to enhance and bring effects to the game. If I had the resources the questions could be laminated to protect them and present it nicely. The things that have worked well are the graphics for the questions. They have come out better than I expected and I think they add a nice finish to the game. The varnish was the only feature that did not work very well. As it smudged the writing and symbols which prove to be difficult to restore. ...read more.

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