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Evaluation of Canterbury 'Shopping Streets' Tour.

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Evaluation I think that my coursework has proved that Canterbury is a High Order shopping centre as it has a huge variety of shops. Another thing I have found is that St. Peter's street has a number of shops selling high-order goods and this I believe is why it has such a large Sphere of Influence. I think that my project has been done well, although I would change some things if I could. Limitations of the data I have collected: * For this project I feel that I have collected enough data to give me a sufficient number of results to study and analyse to prove my Hypothesis. * I think that not enough people were interviewed for the questionnaire, because only 181 people were interviewed in St. ...read more.


Also the markings on the map which I drew by hand (for example points A, B &C of the Pedestrian Survey), may be inaccurately drawn on the map and so being placed on a different area to which the actual survey was carried out. * The disadvantage with the View Score task is that the marks out of 5 that I give the different views are only my opinions. For example, I give the view of the Jaguar car showroom 5 out of 5 whereas someone else may not be interested in cars and therefore only give it a 2. * A problem with recording the age of shops along St. Peter's street is that I am only going by what they look like and then taking a guess. ...read more.


* I think that the weather conditions positively influenced my results for the Pedestrian Survey because it was nice and sunny and a lot of people were out. Had the weather been cold or wet, then not many people would have come out shopping and so my results wouldn't be accurate. * I would have preferred if we had been given ore time to do data collection, as I did have to work very efficiently to get everything done in time. * A way to back up my results would have been to return to St. Peter's street in Canterbury and repeat the questionnaire, Pedestrian Survey and Environment Index. By doing this I could compare both sets of results with each other and see how accurate they were or if there were any alterations I needed to make. By Alex Streeter ...read more.

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