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Examine how the C.B.D (Central Business District) of Belfast changed along chosen transects

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Geography Coursework Aim: The aim of this investigation is designed to examine how the C.B.D (Central Business District) of Belfast changed along chosen transects, from one side of the city centre to the other. The study should also mark out the limits of the Belfast C.B.D. and to examine the character of the Belfast C.B.D For my investigation, I am studying these following areas; 1. High street 2. Donegal Place 3. Castle Street 4. Royal Avenue 5. Castle Lane 6. Ann Street 7. North Street 8. Bedford Street/ Dublin Road 9. Chichester Street 10. May Street 11. Howard Street Data Collection Procedure The three class groups studying Geography in Year 11 will be required to carry out measurements and observations along various stopping points on a transect, starting from the middle of the C.B.D (McDonalds) and following a road outwards towards the edge of the C.B.D. Each transect will be a distance of no more than 1 Km. Each class will be divided into three smaller groups and with a supervising teacher, will take the measurements shown in the Hypothesis below at regular intervals of 100 metres. Our class was divided into one group of 10, two groups of 9 and each of them will be given certain transects. Each class will choose a different transect and at the end, we will pool our results to get an overall impression of how the C.B.D. ...read more.


Hypothesis Nine: Street quality deteriorates with increasing distance from the centre of the C.B.D* To measure this, I will be measuring shopping and street quality by using the shopping/street survey index and measure the attractiveness for shoppers in an area of a C.B.D. Hypothesis Ten: Vehicle traffic flow increases with increasing distance from the centre of C.B.D* To measure this, I will be measuring the type of vehicles moving through transects both sides of the road. To measure, I will count and record the numbers on a tally sheet. * Centre of C.B.D. means crossroads at Primark (Castle Street/ Donegal Place) Map of study Area For my investigation, I am studying these following areas; 1. High Street 7. North Street 2. Donegal Place 8. Bedford Street/ Dublin Road 3. Castle Street 9. Chichester Street 4. Royal Avenue 10. May Street 5. Castle Lane 11. Howard Street 6. Ann Street What is a C.B.D? The Central Business District (CBD) is at the heart of any city. It is the part of the city where most business is conducted. The Central Business District (CBD) is generally located in the centre of a town or city with all routeways leading to it, making it the most accessible place in the city. Consequently, it is the most intensively used part of the city and as a result competition for space to conduct business is great; therefore land values are high and only large businesses can locate there. ...read more.


19th Century Belfast was a period of industrialisation (which meant rapid growth) Port facilities were strained and water supply was inadequate. Cotton industry created capital to improve resources In 1800, the first dock was constructed, in 1819; the first stream boat came from Liverpool. In 1823, there was gas lighting, 1830, machines spinning of linen yarn. 1836 saw the birth of Ulster Railway. From 1840's attempts were made to plan part of cities growth. 1851-population was 100,300. . Belfast Today in the 21st Century. Belfast City Centre is Northern Ireland's premier commercial, retail and administrative centre and its future well-being and prosperity are important, not only for the economy of the Belfast Urban Area, but for Northern Ireland as a whole. The C.B.D. plays a vital role as a focus for government, business, shopping, leisure, cultural and social activities, also at the hub of the transportation network. The City Centre has a significant number of assets which provide a solid foundation on which a build a new image for Belfast. The individual and beautiful setting created by the surrounding hills, the Lough and the River Lagan provides a unique context in which the other positive features of the C.B.D. can be appreciated. These include; 1. A compact shopping centre 2. A substantial office district 3. Good cultural and entertainment facilities 4. A good transportation infrastructure 5. A historic street pattern and a legacy of fine buildings and townscape 6. A significant waterfront resource ?? ?? ?? ?? Jonny Goodfellow 12M Geography Project ...read more.

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